Nolan’s Batman 3 – What’s coming next?

2012. It’s the year that the world is to some in their right minds, the world is going to end. Hopefully in that case then, before we bite the dust, we get to see Christopher Nolan complete his trilogy of Batman films as the 3rd one is schedule to be released sometime in 2012. Following up after the ridiculous success of The Dark Knight and also since last week, you will find that 90% of your friends and family may also happen to like Inception, whilst there be a small number that believe that it is overblown shite. Well you know you’re really good when people loved you when nobody really knew who you were director wise (Most friends I know never heard of Following or Memento quite a while after they were realised) and hate you when you become uber famous. Well, anyways back to the topic at hand, the internet is running wild with rumors of who should be the main villain or even two villains (Minor appearance alongside the main attraction)   and who should play them. Here’s some of the selections and casting choices I found.


Black Mask

Some fans believe that, in Nolan’s world, Black Mask could be potentially a future fit into his version of the Batman universe, either as a minor or a major villain, either challenging Bruce Wayne’s business or taking him on as being the new criminal boss, or if he’s to become the major villain tackle him on both fronts. Black Mask’s origin storyline of his childhood, considering he is a childhood ‘friend’ of Wayne, it could be neatly done in a five minute flashback or show of the two younger selves jumping then into the modern day timeline.


Tom Hardy

Only one name i’ve heard mentioned so far and I concur with those voices is that Tom Hardy should play the role of Black Mask. As seen plenty of times before, Nolan has absolutely no problem in re-using actors (Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy have been used quite a few times now for instance). Before Inception, Hardy had a little part in “Band of Brothers” (along with now other familiar faces who weren’t as well known in that time) before becoming a part in the “Star Trek: Nemesis” film. Since that, he played mad man Freddie in the gritty period drama TV mini-series “The Take” aswell as playing Charles Bronson in the art piece “Bronson” aswell as appearing in Guy Ritchie’s “Rock’N’Rolla” as Handsome Bob.

Tom Hardy has recently fast become one of my favourite British Actors and as seen in “The Take” and “Bronson”, he can do calm and collective and then violent virtually within a split second, so having him as being Black Mask is a no-brainer to me and can’t think of anyone else at the moment for that part.

Following on now after being in the hit Inception, Hardy will be seen in the UFC-type film “Warrior” lined-up for sometime later this year, aswell as then appearing in the main lead in the new Mad Max film, scheduled to be out in the same year as Batman 3 it seems, 2012.

The Riddler

After the over-the-top exploits in The Dark Knight, maybe it’s about time we get to test the Bat’s detective skills, and who else but to put him to that test other than Edward Nigma’s alter ego, The Riddler. Some people think that The Riddler wouldn’t be as intense or thrilling enough to have as a main villain for the 3rd Batman film, considering the way that The Dark Knight was set-up to follow with more of The Joker (unfortunately Heath Ledger passed away) but I’m sure Nolan could work away around this, considering that the Studio Casting Grid has named The Riddler as the new villain for Batman 3 (They done this aswell with The Dark Knight).


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Already a very strong contender, considering Inceptions success and his star has shot through the roof because of it, everything at the moment points to JGL becoming The Riddler in the new Batman film. He’s got the acting chops and is one of the best young actors of the current new generation (Brilliant in the likes of “Brick”, “Mysterious Skin” and also “(500) Days of Summer”). This would be JGL’s breakout vehicle role if he were to snag it, much like Heath Ledger’s Joker was for him in The Dark Knight. Really like JGL so hope that if he gets the role, he will do brilliantly with it.

Who would’ve thought the kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun would come such a long way?

Other names originally in the running were Johnny Depp (If this was pre-Pirates and a few bad Tim Burton remakes, I would’ve agreed, but just think that JD would take away the realism away from the film….which is a strange thing considering the film subject matter, but hopefully you get what I mean), Robin Williams (He has vocally put himself in contention for the role, has previously worked with Nolan in “Insomnia” and can do serious acting, though too old for the role perhaps?), Jim Carrey (Well considering Batman Forever was Jim Carrey acting, well, Jim Carrey, imagine what he could be like after the likes of “The Truman Show”, “Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind” and his now serious acting career, I reckon he could pull it off but Batman Forever kills any idea of it happening again…ever) and finally Casey Affleck after his recent stint in “Killer Inside Me”….interesting option.


Some fans reckon to tie the bow on the nice package of the Batman Trilogy, is to include Catwoman herself. Somehow I can’t seem to see it that Nolan would add her into the conclusion of the trilogy though i’m sure her alter ego Selina Kyle, may make an appearance in the film, considering Bruce Wayne needs a new love interest since Rachel Dawes blew up in a blaze of glory in The Dark Knight.


Angelina Jole/Marion Cotillard

No sooner had The Dark Knight been released that many jumped to the conclusion that after a slight remark by Morgan Freeman’s Fox character mentioned about one of the suits being good against cats, that many believed that Catwoman will now appear in Batman 3. Originally believed to appear in the role in rumourville was Angelina Jolie, who is currently in a hot streak at the moment and will soon appear in the action spy film “Salt”. Currently though, once again after “Inception”s release, many believe now that Marion Cotillard is in the front running to appear as Catwoman. If Catwoman was to appear I don’t think he would use either of these two and go for someone that we wouldn’t expect. Halle Berry won’t reprise the role, I guess.

Mr Zsasz

Fair enough, the story of a serial killer who marks his victims with a tally across parts of his body may not make him a main villain for the 3rd villain, though the storyline for Batman could go on a similar ‘Se7en’ kind of road. The fact that his origin story of a man that had it all, as it were, then lose it all and is just an insane shell/vessel of a human being, believing he is ridding the ‘zombies’ (his victims) of their pointless existence. Even though he made a very brief appearance in “Batman Begins”, it would be nice to see a comeback from the psychotic serial killer.


Tim Booth

Well considering he did play Mr Zsasz in the “Batman Begins” film, it would be nice to see how Tim Booth would do the role in a full length feature, rather than five minutes screentime. Just really weird that this is the frontman of the band James that has played the role.

Harley Quinn

Considering that, unfortunately there is no Heath, and since there is no Heath, Nolan has state previously that he won’t be replaced as The Joker, therefore, no Joker. So considering all of that, how come some fans still crave for an appearance of Harley Quinn? Well put simply, they hope for a Joker appearance, that’s why. If there is no Joker then it would seem pointless to just throw in Harley Quinn, just for the sake of it. Though of course they could replace Heath (more on that later) and bring Harley into the fold or have her appear working at Arkham Asylum if the Batman has a reason to be there just as a simple nod to the audience.


Kristen Bell

Considering some of her moments in her stint in the TV series “Heroes” where she showed the crazy, yet pet on the leech, I’d say she wouldn’t be far off in sinking her teeth into the role of Harley Quinn. Well considering she’s taken part mostly in romantic comedies in recent years, from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” to “Couples Retreat”, it’s about time we seen Kristen in a grittier, meatier role that she came into the spotlight for with her main character in the show of the same name “Veronica Mars”.  Another name pitched for the role I heard was Sarah Michelle Gellar, well it would be nice to see her back on her game really, but think I’d prefer to have Kristen…..of course if it were to happen.

The Joker

Right okay, deep breath everyone. This was obviously going to get mentioned, regardless of Nolan saying no, it doesn’t stop worldwide fans creating buzz about possible replacements for Heath Ledger or hell even those shouting for a cameo scene from Heath himself, from a deleted scene.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Yeah, I know, HIM again. Though it’s absolutely no coincidence he is mentioned for this role. Mainly because, he looks freakishly alot like Heath (Strange, but true). Though obviously, resemblances  alone are not worth nothing for him but obviously the fact is that he is as stated before, one of the best young actors of his generation but Nolan is hesitant about having The Joker in the new film so most likely it will be a no go…..The Riddler will have to do I suppose.

3 responses to “Nolan’s Batman 3 – What’s coming next?

  1. I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the Riddler, if Nolan uses him. Riddler is kinda the obvious choice for the next villain, but they have to be really careful that he doesn’t become a poor man’s Joker (like, you know, EVERY SCHUMACHER VILLAIN!). I’d downplay the wackier aspects of his character, and go for more of a Batman: The Animated Series feel, where he’s this brilliant but misunderstood puzzle master, someone who can figure out any problem and loves constructing them to challenge others. Maybe make Batman the first one to ever figure out one of his riddles, and that intrigues him, so he keeps trying to stump Bruce.

    Black Mask is a character I’m not overly familiar with, but I do think it’s interesting to have someone try to re-organize crime in Gotham after the Joker toppled the mob empire (I actually have an idea about that, which I’ll get into a bit later). The other figure I’ve heard people suggest for that is the Penguin, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s name is always mentioned in regards to him. As for Tom Hardy as Black Mask, like I said, I’m not too familiar with the character, but I loved Hardy in Inception, so I’m cool with that.

    Zsasz, I don’t really care about. If he’s there, I think it should be very minor. I doubt it, though, I think Nolan is done with him.

    Harley Quinn could be cool. I think she could function as an example of how, even if he’s locked away, the Joker’s influence will always be on Gotham. Kristen Bell is a good choice, but I like Sarah Michelle Gellar even better (possible Buffy bias). I’m thinking of her playing the Buffy bot and how broadly funny that was, and I think she could be lots of fun as Harley. Like, have her looking at a picture of the Joker and saying, “Don’t worry, puddin’. I’ll get you outta there!” And then a tear falls onto the picture.

    Now, Catwoman. I had talked about this before, but I think Catwoman is essential to the next film (well, unless Nolan, the new god of all things Batman, says no, in which case I’ll silently retract my card and do as he wishes). I’m actually gonna repost to you what I wrote to someone in an e-mail (well, part of it, it was an epic examination of Nolan’s Batman films that will either enthrall you for hours or, more likely, put you to sleep out of sheer length and unbelievable pomposity, but I’ll send you the Catwoman part)…

    “Rachel Dawes is, in my opinion, a massive bitch of Godzilla-like proportions. I hated her ever since she slapped Bruce in the first movie when he revealed he was there to kill Joe Chill. This is someone she claims to love, and she has no compassion or sympathy for him over the fact that his parents were killed? What’s more, she extolls the virtues of “the system,” yet she was part of the group that was gonna let Chill out of prison, basically forgiving him for killing the Waynes. That isn’t justice. She, of course, doesn’t even blame Joe Chill, but poverty. He was poor, so it was okay that he murdered two people. Well, she blamed Falcone too, but it’s okay to blame a rich bad guy. She sees Bruce and clearly disapproves of him and his lifestyle (the playboy billionaire one, the false one he wears to mask the fact that he’s Batman), she insults him and insinuates that he doesn’t care about Gotham or anyone but himself (and on his birthday, no less), then, when he reveals that he’s Batman and is working to save Gotham, she says she’s proud of what he’s doing, but he’s not the boy she fell in love with. You know, the one she just told him she didn’t like anymore. But she gives him just enough hope for a relationship so that he can sit in the corner and pine for her, never quite moving on (while she, of course, is free to do so). And that carries over into The Dark Knight. She’s with Harvey, which is fine, but she glowers at Bruce constantly, snubs her nose at him when he brings a woman somewhere, and tells him that if he gives up being Batman, they can be together. If she’s telling the truth, then she’s being pretty terrible to Harvey, and if she’s lying (which I think she is), then she’s continuing to lead on Bruce. She insults him at his penthouse again, but she makes sure to go right back when her life is in danger, and this is what it comes down to. She’ll use Bruce when she needs him, but turn him away when she doesn’t. She never really loved him, she never appreciated him, and she was always rotten to him. She couldn’t reconcile Bruce and Batman. She could have him if she wanted and, as such, wasn’t happy with him. She was doing the same thing to Harvey, really, always bitching and moaning and whining and complaining, even when he friggin’ proposed to her. I think the next movie should have Catwoman in it, for several reasons, one of which is Rachel. In the last two movies, the girl is someone who disapproves of Bruce, who doesn’t understand him, who uses him and who wants to keep him a prisoner of sorts. Catwoman would be the exact opposite. She gets Batman, she understands why, beyond doing good, Bruce loves being Batman (even if he won’t admit it to himself). She understands that Batman is who he really is and Bruce Wayne is the mask he wears. She doesn’t want him to stop being Batman, she knows he belongs as Batman. She wouldn’t bitch every time he did something she didn’t agree with because she’d be more morally questionable than him. In the end, I think it’s interesting that Bruce is now finally free to live his life, to find love, someone who loves him and appreciates him. And who does he have to thank for that? His greatest enemy. It’s hysterical to think that if he finds happiness now, it’ll be the Joker who put a smile on that face.”

    So, that’s my Catwoman rant. I think Angelina Jolie is absolutely perfect, she was my first choice too. I know she’s kinda the obvious pick, but who cares? Sometimes it’s obvious because it’s right! Marion Cotillard, maybe. I like her a lot and think she has a very particular kind of sensuality. I also think Kate Beckinsale could do it, or Rosario Dawson.

    One villain I’d really like to see them do is Bane. I think he’s a terrific villain, and one of Batman and Robin’s many crimes against humanity was making him a fat, stupid henchman. They need to cast someone really built, and someone who can play smart as well. That was what was so interesting about the real Bane, he was so strong (and even moreso with the venom), but he was smart as hell too. I think now that Batman is being hunted, Bane could come in and offer to bring him in. Like in the comics, he’d consider Batman his greatest challenge, and throughout the movie we could see his methodical approach to breaking Batman. I really don’t know who I’d get to play him, though.

    Okay, now for the main event: recasting the Joker. I had this idea for making these movies a longer series, as opposed to just a trilogy. In the next movie, don’t show the Joker at all, just mention him every so often, so we feel his presence even when he’s off-screen, like how the new wave of villains were clearly inspired by him, that they’re his legacy (I think this would give him an even greater air of menace, too; locking him up does a minimal amount of good; Gotham and, more importantly, Batman, are never without the Joker). Then, in the fourth or fifth movie, have him in a very minor role, still locked in Arkham Asylum, and have the head doctor there keep talking about how he believes he can cure the Joker, bring him back to sanity. Batman, of course, would tell him he’s a fool, but he’d scoff and say how he cares about people and no one is beyond saving. Then, the movie would end, Batman defeats the villain or villains, everyone is super happy, fade to black… then fade back in, back to Arkham, where guards are running through the corridors, looks of panic on their faces. They finally get to the cell at the end, open it, and gasp in horror. The doctor is dead, a smile carved onto his face, and, on the wall, in his blood, it says, “WHY SO SERIOUS? HA! HA! HA! HA!” Then, we go outside, on a hill just outside the city limits or maybe a tall building, where the Joker is standing, having just escaped. He looks up at the moon and starts shrieking his maniacal laugh. Credits. Then the next movie, he’s the villain again. Now, if you had Black Mask or someone else trying to reform organized crime, I think the beginning of the next movie should be the Joker killing him and restoring chaos. It would be really interesting to see this Joker react to Harley Quinn (it’s actually kinda hard to imagine him not just killing her outright; something about her would have to really fascinate him). Maybe in the movie where he escapes, have Harlene Quinzel working at Arkham and develop that relationship as much as possible. Like, when Batman tells the doctor the Joker can’t be cured, she overhears it and tells the Joker later. The Joker says to her, “Tell me the truth: would you really want me to be?” Then she laughs, despite her better judgment. Stuff like that. Then, in the next movie, when she hears he’s escaped, she develops the Harley Quinn persona and comes to him. Or, like, commits a crime to get his attention. He gets pissed at someone stealing his thunder, tracks her down and is about to kill her, when he realizes who she is, and she says she did it for him. Then he takes her under his wing. As for who should play the Joker, that’s part of why I want to leave him out of it for a while. They need to really nail it after the magic that was Heath. Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be good, I really like him a lot in general. The other name I had thought of was James Franco. I think he might be good in the part.

    So, them are my thoughts. It’s so cool wondering where the next Batman will go, and having a dude we can completely trust in charge of it.

    But now, the most important question of all: who should play Robin? Kidding, of course.

  2. the joker clown prince of crime/ jack napier/ joseph gordon levitt/
    big breasted harley quinn kristen bell/ victor zzassz tim booth/
    angelina jolie/ catwoman selina kyle i want to be in the 2011 movie
    batman 3 gotham city the movie , with aaron eckhart two-face, the gotham city thugs, and with halle berry as catwoman, in the movie and with bale as batman bruce wayne

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