Emmy Nominations 2011 – The List, The Snubs and Who Should Win

So a few days have now passed since the Emmy nominations were announced. As always with the Emmys, it would be boring if it didn’t have some surprise nominations, some ‘about time’ nominations and the obvious why the hell was this snubbed.  Also a quick mention to the whole Kurt Sutter fiasco that’s going on at the minute, few things. First of, everyone is taking his joking comments way to thick and secondly, he has a valid point, always has done. Now for the list of the nominations.

Emmy Nominations

Lead Actor In A Drama Series 

STEVE BUSCEMI as Nucky Thompson in Boardwalk Empire

KYLE CHANDLER as Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights

MICHAEL C HALL as Dexter Morgan in Dexter

HUGH LAURIE as Dr Gregory House in House

JON HAMM as Don Draper in Mad Men

TIMOTHY OLYPHANT as Raylan Givens in Justified

This is the year where there’ll be a new winner for in the Leading Actor in A Drama Series category as Bryan Cranston had won it for three years in a row for his portrayal of Walter White in the AMC show Breaking Bad, which was on a eighteen month hiatus, hence no nominations for it this year. The obvious favourite to win the Emmy this year is Jon Hamm for his portrayal of Don Draper in the hit series Mad Men, running close though is fellow nominee Kyle Chandler for his role as Coach Eric Taylor in the fantastic series Friday Night Lights and as the show finished its run will these final nominations turn to swan gongs in tribute to the show? Michael C Hall is also in the running but with a somewhat flat fifth season (let’s be honest, it was always going to be difficult to try to do better than what they achieved with the fourth season) will this affect his chances of winning? Steve Buscemi is nominated for his role as Nucky Thompson in the epic series Boardwalk Empire but I don’t think he will win over some of the other nominations here, as neither I think Hugh Laurie will (unfortunately) and the same goes for Timothy Olyphant, even with Justified’s excellent second season as the winner is as clearcut as the other categories.

My Pick For Winner

Jon Hamm

The Big Snub(s)

CHARLIE HUNNAM as Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy

SEAN BEAN as Eddard Stark in Game Of Thrones

In what is always a very difficult category to pick out five people to be nominated in the Lead Acting In A Drama Series (hell I could go on for ages there’s so many), these two were the biggest snubs in my book, especially Sean Bean not getting nominated which shocked me considering how big Game of Thrones is. Found it a shame Charlie Hunnam didn’t get nominated as he was solid in his role as Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy, spending the season trying to find his son and willing to go to any lengths to get him back (Hunnam has come along way since Queer As Folk and Green Street that’s for sure). A little note to mention Andrew Lincoln for his role as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, as much as I love him in the role I really didn’t enjoy the show as much as I thought it would (Jesus, it’s a zombie TV show) so I wouldn’t consider him to be a big snub, so let’s see what’s in store for the shows second season instead.

Lead Actress In A Drama Series

ELISABETH MOSS as Peggy Olson in Mad Men

CONNIE BRITTON as Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights

MARISKA HARGITAY as Detective Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU

MIREILLE ENOS as Sarah Linden in The Killing

JULIANNA MARGULIES as Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife

KATHY BATES as Harriet Harry ‘Korn’ in Harry’s Law

Pretty strong category in the Lead Actress In A Drama gunning for the Emmy. Elisabeth Moss was as solid as always in her role as Peggy Olson and the Academy love the show so she’s in contention along with Julianna Margulies, who won it last year for her role in The Good Wife. Kathy Bate’s has been getting rave reviews from critics for her role in Harry’s Law but I’ve never managed to catch that show so can’t comment on her chances.  Mireille Enos is nominated for her role in AMC’s The Killing, which was hit and miss with the critics and the fans (even those that were fond of the original series). Mariska Hargitay has recently left her role as Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU so will the academy decide to treat her with an Emmy as a going away present? So what about Connie Britton? Well, Connie is my choice to win for her role as Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights, as the Taylor’s have been the key focus throughout the duration of the show and, even though the first half of the show she was given a rubbish storyline to deal with (Epic or Elypic, whatever way it was spelt) to the turmoil of being the Coaches wife in the second half of the final season, which has made her nailed on in my eyes to win it.

My Pick For Winner

Connie Britton

The Big Snub

KATEY SAGAL as Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons Of Anarchy

The Biggest snub from this category was Katey Sagal, who would’ve in my opinion, been a deadlock to win for an Emmy but obviously the Academy thought otherwise. Least the Golden Globes treat her right for given an excellent performance as one of the strongest women on television at the moment. A few other notable mentions go to Regina King for her role in the ridiculously underrated Southland and to Jennifer Beals for her role in the short lived The Chicago Code (Both cop shows, co-incidence?).

Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

JOHN SLATTERY as Roger Sterling in Mad Men

ANDRE BRAUGHER as Owen in Men Of A Certain Age

WALTON GOGGINS as Boyd Crowder in Justified

PETER DINKLAGE as Tyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones

JOSH CHARLES as Will Gardner in The Good Wife

ALAN CUMMING as Eli Gold in The Good Wife

Strong selection for the Supporting Actor In A Drama Series. Huge fan of Andre Braugher but don’t get Men Of A Certain Age so can’t comment on his chances, although he’s up against John Slattery from Mad Men and Alan Cumming from The Good Wife who are favourites to win this category but the dark horse – Peter Dinklage. His performances in Game Of Thrones were excellent and looks like he’ll a pivotal figure for seasons to come on the show so don’t be surprised of more nominations but will he get the Emmy love this year? FINALLY Walton Goggins got a nomination which I’m a bit too excited about, as much as I love him as an actor and his character (Boyd in Justified) I don’t think he stands a chance, the same goes for Josh Charles, with all due respect, as it does come down to two key men and without last years Emmy winner Aaron Paul, Slattery can finally get that Emmy.

My Pick For Winner

John Slattery

The Big Snub(s)

DELROY LINDO as Alderman Ronin Gibbons

MICHAEL SHANNON as Agent Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire

Even though The Chicago Code unfortunately got cancelled (Well I thought it was really good), still it surprises me that Delroy Lindo has missed out on a nomination, considering that Alderman Ronin Gibbons was easily the best villain on television this year, considering he wasn’t your typical out and out villain. Sure he was corrupt as the head of FIFA but he believed he was doing these actions for the good of the people of Chicago. On the other side of the snub coin and ‘villain’ streak is Michael Shannon’s performance as the religious Agent Nelson Van Alden, which is the biggest shock snub for me as I thought he would’ve been nailed on to at least get nominated. Maybe next year.

Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

KELLY MACDONALD as Margaret Schroeder in Boardwalk Empire

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS as Joan Harris in Mad Men

MICHELLE FORBES as Mitch Larsen in The Killing

ARCHIE PANJABI as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife

MARGO MARTINDALE as Mags Bennett in Justified

CHRISTINE BARANSKI as Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife

This category is too close to call over who will eventually win. Sure Kelly MacDonald was really good in her first season on Boardwalk Empire but don’t she’ll win over the rest of the candidates, same goes for Christina Hendricks. Michelle Forbes is a new contender this year after her portrayal of a distraught mother of a murdered young girl in AMC’s The Killing, giving a restrained yet heartbroken performance on the show and don’t be too surprised to hear her name called out to pick up the Emmy on the night. Previous winner last year Archie Panjabi is nominated again and is favourite to win again for her role in The Good Wife, considering her character arc this season, aswell as her fellow show member Christine Baranski. The dark horse and the winner in my eyes though is Margo Martindale for her performance in Justified. The problem with Margo is there’s too many scenes to show to the Academy to pitch for her to win, there is literally 10 that I can think of. Her role as Mags Bennett and woman that puts up a nice, pleasant front yet underneath is a dark sinister individual made for riveting viewing, especially with her and her boys on screen.  If she doesn’t win I will be shocked.

My Pick For Winner

Margo Martindale

The Big Snub

EMILIA CLARKE as Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones

Only one that I can think of at the top of my head that I would considered to be snubbed, in particular as she got better along with the characters journey in the season and we were taken on that journey and seen her become an established strong character and one whose journey will be really interesting in the second season.

Lead Actor In A Comedy Series

MATT LEBLANC as Himself in Episodes

JIM PARSONS as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

STEVE CARELL as Michael Scott in The Office

JOHNNY GALECKI as Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

LOUIS CK as Louie in Louie

ALEC BALDWIN as Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock

Tough group this one, but I’m really surprised with the nomination of Johnny Galecki amongst the rest of the candidates. In particular going up against fellow cast member Jim Parsons (Who, as much as I hate Big Bang Theory, is the show) so these two could split the vote so neither of them could end up winning. Interesting that Matt LeBlanc was nominated for his role in playing himself in Episodes, considering the people that missed out (will get to that in a minute) so obviously someone at the Academy was keeping an eye on Episodes, because I wasn’t. It’s a pleasant surprise to see Louis CK in the running as Louie is a great show but unfortunately for him it comes down to two people – Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin. Carell could win it for the fact he is taking a break from The Office so that may go in his favour but, in my opinion, it’ll go to Alec Baldwin, Jack Donaghy is a great character and has had some terrific scenes this year so he’s my pick to win it this year.

My Pick For Winner

Alec Baldwin

The Big Snub

JOEL MCHALE as Jeff Winger in Community

Oh Joel McHale, how you did not get nominated (Hell, how Community got NO nominations) I’ll never know. Too disappointed that LeBlanc and Galecki got nominated over him, but not surprised of the lack of Community love as there is always one show that the Emmys disown and don’t nominate (Remember The Wire getting no nominations?).

Lead Actress In A Comedy Series

LAURA LINNEY as Cathy Jamison in The Big C

EDIE FALCO as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jackie

AMY POEHLER as Leslie Knope in Parks & Recreation

MELISSA MCCARTHY as Molly Flynn in Mike & Molly

MARTHA PLIMPTON as Virginia Chance in Raising Hope

TINA FEY as Liz Lemon in 30 Rock

Diverse group (though still on the fence about how Nurse Jackie is really considered a comedy). Heard good things about Laura Linney on The Big C, though I haven’t seen it, Melissa McCarthy is a dark horse in this race as she’s sky rocketed as of late for her work in Mike & Molly and recently on the big screen in Bridesmaids. Raising Hope has also been getting rave reviews so could Martha Plimpton get the Emmy? Personally it may come down to the final two – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As much as I absolutely adore Tina Fey, Amy Poehler has really shone this year (aswell as Parks & Recreation in general) and would love for her to win.

My Pick For Winner

Amy Poehler

The Big Snub

COURTNEY COX as Jules Cobb in Cougar Town

No Emmy love this year for Courtney Cox…or Cougar Town for that matter. Though there was plenty of contenders she remains the big name left out from the selection.

Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series

JON CRYER as Alan Harper in Two And A Half Men

CHRIS COLFER as Kurt Hummel in Glee

JESSE TYLER FERGUSON as Mitchell Pritchett in Modern Family

ED O’NEILL as Jay Pritchett in Modern Family

ERIC STONESTREET as Cameron Tucker in Modern Family

TY BURRELL as Phil Dunphy in Modern Family

Okay, where to start? First off, quite a hard on the Emmy’s have got for Modern Family and rightfully so, but this is borderline taking the piss, too many of them listed in the one category alone (and I’d still argue that Ty Burrell shouldn’t even be in this category, but in the Best Actor In A Comedy Series category instead) leaving out plenty of other deserving nominees (quite a few listed below). Though due to the fact of plenty of the Modern Family actors in here could cause a split in votes which could cause one of the others to lead the pack. Here plenty of rave reviews about Chris Colfer for his role in Glee and that he practically, along with Jane Lynch, is the show, so wouldn’t be too surprised if his name gets called out on the night. Jon Cryer, he could be a nice guy and all, but his nomination pretty much feels like a sympathic pat on the back for the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco. Who should win? I’d say Ed O’Niell, but due to the number of the Modern Family cast in here could cause a split vote it may not happen. Time will tell.

My Pick For Winner

Ed O’Niell

The Big Snubs

DANNY PUDI as Abed Nadir in Community

DONALD GLOVER as Troy Barnes in Community

NICK OFFERMAN as Ron Swanson in Parks & Recreation

CHARLIE DAY as Charlie Kelly in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Oh Danny Pudi, his performance as Abed may put off a few people at times but I love it for his deadpan mannerisms and how he delivers his dialogue, same can be said for Donald Glover, when these two are on screen together …. comedy gold! Considering Amy from Parks & Recreation got nominated, was pretty sure Nick Offerman would be aswell, unfortunately not. Finally Charlie Day and the rest of the It’s Always Sunny Gang. Maybe someday they’ll get the Emmy love….someday.

Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series

JANE LYNCH as Sue Sylvester in Glee

BETTY WHITE as Elka Ostrosky in Hot In Cleveland

JULIE BOWEN as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family

KRISTEN WIIG as Various Characters in Saturday Night Live

JANE KRAKOWSKI as Jenna Maroney in 30 Rock

SOFIA VERGARA as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family

Strong list here, though never caught Hot In Cleveland so can’t give an honest opinion on Betty White’s performance on the show but as much as I hate Glee Jane Lynch is a strong contender to nab the Emmy.  Always been a fan of Jane Krakowski and her performance as Jenna Maroney is still as quality and deadpan as it was when 30 Rock started but it will come down the the Modern Family women and the dark horse that is Kristen Wiig to top off a great last 12 months for her. Though looking at the list, the pick of them could very well Sofia Vergara, great comedy actress and brings warmth to the show.

My Pick For Winner

Sofia Vergara

The Big Snub

ALISON BRIE as Annie Edison in Community

Yep, yet again another Community snub but I’m being serious on how good the show actually is. With the great cast that they have she is definitely one of the three (others being Danny/Donald) that are the glue to the show.

Best Comedy Series


Parks & Recreation

The Office

Modern Family

30 Rock

The Big Bang Theory

Glee, no…but then again I’m not a fan so maybe it will. The Office may stand a good chance for Carrell’s swansong. Parks & Recreation had a great season also, as did Modern Family and 30 Rock (though others think differently). As for The Big Bang Theory, maybe (I don’t enjoy it but don’t hate it either). It’s pretty much a toss up between The Office and Modern Family but think the Emmy’s will go for Modern Family.

My Pick For Winner

Modern Family

The Big Snub


Emmy I Am Disappoint.

Best Drama Series

Boardwalk Empire

Game Of Thrones

The Good Wife

Mad Men

Friday Night Lights


First off for the main negative – Dexter didn’t have a strong season. Still had good moments and wouldn’t have lived up to expectations after season 4, but there has been other shows that had stronger seasons. Boardwalk Empire had a great debut season, as did Game of Thrones, but maybe it’s just too early for both shows to get an Emmy. The Good Wife and Mad Men both had strong seasons. Dark horse – obviously Friday Night Lights. Could they actually finally get recognition for their work and be given an Emmy for giving us five beautiful seasons? Perhaps. But they LOVE Mad Men, so I’d place my bets on that….or split it between Mad Men and Friday Night Lights.

My Pick For Winner

Mad Men

The Big Snub


Big season for Justified and definitely better than Dexter’s. Good villains, stronger story arc rather than weekly episodic plots, making it better than it’s first season.

Best Animated Series

The Cleveland Show

Robot Chicken


The Simpsons

South Park

Cleveland Show? Really? REALLY? Pretty much no longer a fan of any of these shows as they’ve gone on far too long and just aren’t that consistently funny anymore. So probably be the Simpsons that’ll win, regardless of it being well beyond its glory years.

My Pick For Winner

The Simpsons

The Big Snub


One of the best shows going on television at the moment, let alone best animated series. The animation is great, the jokes are great on a consistent level. The only problem is that it’s only over 20 minutes long.

So whose your bets on the Emmys?

Agree with the predictions + snubs?

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