Peter Berg: There’s Not Going To Be A Friday Night Lights Film

Friday Night Lights Film Is DeadIt’s long been in the pipeline since the show went off the air a few years ago but now Peter Berg has decided that it’s time to pack the script up and put it back in the cabinet.

In a recent interview with, Peter Berg said:

“There’s not gonna be a movie. We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen.”

There has been a torn conflict with some people over whether or not a film of the TV show was a good idea. Connie Britton, who played Tami Taylor, thought so but Kyle Chandler, who played Coach Eric Taylor, thought it was not.

Back in 2012 Chandler told MTV:

“My general attitude about ‘Friday Night Lights’ is, it was a great movie … and it was a great TV show — I’ve never had more fun doing anything. I still like watching the show again, because it was so creative, the process. But they ended it at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way as well.”

Then later this year with BuzzFeed:

“‘Friday Night Lights’ was a great movie, and the TV show. After five shots at it, five seasons, as it went on, it got smaller and smaller and smaller, and it almost got canceled. We were up against ‘American Idol’ the first year and it got moved. [Producers] Jason Katims and Pete Berg and those guys kept it alive, kept the material so fresh, and ended the thing so perfectly. I think that’s a tribute to those guys. I like the ending of the show as much as I like the whole thing in the sense that it was just done so classy, it was just done so well. Hats off to those guys.”

Suppose it comes as no surprise that the film idea is not going to happen and that Berg won’t look to kickstarter as teased earlier in the summer. The show remains one of my all time favourite TV shows and it ended perfectly so I’m fine with not getting a film. But I wouldn’t have mind seeing what happened with Tim Riggins in the future…what a guy.


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