Should Stephen Amell’s Arrow Be In The Justice League Film?

Should Amell's Arrow Be In Justice League Film?

There’s been some debate with the upcoming Man of Steel 2 film literally becoming a Justice League prequel, what with Batman, Wonder Woman and a rumor of The Flash making an appearance also, that DC and Warner Bros are just trying to cram as much into one basket for the JL franchise. There’s also a lot of folks wondering whether the Green Arrow will make a brief cameo in the upcoming film or not appear until the Justice League film and if so, why not just use The CW’s Arrow Stephen Amell?

There are several kinds of pro’s and con’s to this particular question that I’ll go into.


Character already has it’s foundations

Which kind of Green Arrow would you prefer? One where it’s a new actor to create a new origin story for the role or have an actor whose been in that role for a few years? Personally for me, if they’re going to throw everyone together for the Justice League film and aim for it to come in 2017 and don’t aim to give a few of the Justice League members their own film to tell, I don’t see why they shouldn’t use Amell in particular as a history of the character has already been told and it’s what some of the general public will be used too (No point in saying that everyone knows the character, but word of mouth about Arrow is spreading like wildfire).

Time Is On Amell’s Side

This one in particular might not be seen as a nice thing but hear me out. Arrow is currently in the middle of it’s second season. Justice League is reportedly aimed for 2017. That’s another 3 years…and that’s a long time in television terms as one year you can be hot and the next gone from losing a small portion of your viewer following. I’m pretty the sure the show has a five year plan as I’m assuming with the way the flashbacks on the island are being told in the show, we’re following each season as a year on the island. So by the time that the Justice League comes around, Arrow will be wrapping up Season 5, so maybe Oliver carries on into the film world from there. Then again, Arrow is The CW’s biggest hit I can remember since Supernatural and that is still going strong so that theory should be considered unrealistic for now. Which leads to another pro…

Give Arrow A Bigger Following

From The CW themselves, it would be for some considered a no brainer to let this particular character and actor to go onto the big screen, use up some screentime and hope that the show will pick up extra viewers because of it. There is a few that I know that have still refused to watch the show primarily because it is on The CW and that Smallville has still left a bad taste in their mouth (wasn’t THAT bad but it did have some wasted potential in the ranks).



Putting it out there, especially with the way the general public can behave, giving Green Arrow a short amount of screen time in a Justice League film, there will be Hawkeye comparisons. Not only that, but against the fans as well as Hawkeye didn’t really get to do much at all in The Avengers Assemble film and some would hope that Green Arrow won’t be given the same treatment.

Bruce Wayne/Oliver Queen

Is the world big enough for two billionaire vigilantes?

One other part I’m 50/50 on that gets mentioned is that once you put Green Arrow in that film world, you restrict yourself on the TV world, which is what is happening with Agents of SHIELD (Which has been quite the disappointment).

To be fair I feel the exact opposite. Arrow is already using up quite an arsenal of villains from the back catalogue available from DC (from Dark Archer to Deathstroke to Ra’s Al Ghul) and at least isn’t hiding away from superheroes existing no more with the addition of Barry Allen in Season 2 that will be getting his own show (hopefully whenever they get around to shooting the pilot) and I still think The Flash film is still aimed for 2016 right? At least do the opposite of building these characters and then promote them to the film world, rather than create a show like Agents of SHIELD and pretend that superheroes don’t exist. At all. I mean the Thor ‘tie-in’ was literally being his clean up crew!

So what are your thoughts? Would you rather they went for a character that’s already got a backstory told about him or rather that they keep the film character separate from the television character?

SIDENOTE: Get watching Arrow it is awesome. And you know what? Screw it, Amell gets my vote for the Justice League. Just picture the scene on the big screen….a bad guy is getting away and gets hit with an arrow. Green Arrow steps forward into view and utters the words ‘….you have failed this city.’ I’ll mark out. Probably only me and five others in the screening mind you, but I shall mark out none the less.

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