Film Review – Jump

Film Review - Jump

DIRECTED BY: Kieron J. Walsh

STARRING: Nichola Burley, Martin McCann, Richard Dormer, Charlene McKenna, Valene Kane, Ciarán McMenamin, Packy Lee and Lalor Roddy



Crime boss daughter Greta is rescued from suicide by stranger Pearse on New Year’s Eve, a night that will change both their lives forever.

Film Review - Jump - Martin McCann as Pearse Kelly Jump was released back in 2012 and was shot in my hometown of Derry, Northern Ireland and I never got around to watching it until now, thanks in part to the BBC for airing it and leaving it on the BBC iPlayer here (handy for UK readers to view).


So Jump takes place over one New Years Eve night and how these stories end up connecting with one another towards the end of the film. We have the main character Greta, standing on the Foyle Bridge contemplating suicide, until she is stopped by a bloody and beaten Pearse Kelly. The two then realise that they have one thing in common – their hatred towards Frank Feeney, who happens to be Greta’s father and for Pearse, Frank is responsible for his brother’s disappearance.


Meanwhile in another story, Frank Feeney has been robbed and gets his two comical lackeys Ross and Jack to find out who is responsible, while Ross drags in Johnny to help out through blackmail, who is haunted by his past actions.


The final story piece involves Greta’s two friends, Marie and Dara, heading into town for the New Years Eve partying that leads them to witnessing an incident that then leads to tragic consequences.

Film Review - Jump - Richard Dormer as JohnnyThe films structure is very much going to be compared to ‘Pulp Fiction’ in the timeline jumps at random moments, to the point that some viewers should figure out how it ties in from about the halfway point.


There’s a few character decisions that I don’t necessary buy, in particular the Greta and Pearse romance point with them planning on hurting Frank and running away together. The major point in the story between Dara and Marie, I was originally annoyed by Dara’s reaction to it but from thinking about it, it makes sense from her previous actions in the film leading up to that point, it would make sense that she would react that way.


Nichola Burley does a really good job as Greta, Lalor Roddy is reliable as well as the crime boss Frank Feeney, I thought Richard Dormer done a good job as the haunted Johnny and Ciarán McMenamin and Packy Lee provide the comedy as the two idiot muscle for Frank.



Nicely shot film and some good characters but not enough time is fleshed out for some of them so some of their actions/reactions feel dramatically rushed. Tad bit predictable but overall I like Kieron J Walsh’s Jump. 6/10

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