Arrow: Has A TV Show Ever Had As Big An Improvement In Its 2nd Season Over Its First?

TV Ramblings - Has A TV Show Improved So Much In Its 2nd Season More Than Arrow?First off, to get it out of the way, there be SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Okay now with that out of the way, it’s been a while since I rambled about something and low and below, the topic of choice is Arrow. Again. This time, rather than pitching Amell for the Justice League film, this time it’s about the show in general, with the opinion being that it’s current second season excels beyond what it did in the first, and that wasn’t bad either. Which got me thinking, when was the last time a show went better in it’s second year after its first season? Sure we’ve had shows that had good first seasons and a disappointing second season (Prime example for this would be Heroes) but not a lot of shows improve in it’s second season. The last that I can think of off the top of my head that I can compare Arrow’s first to second season improvement difference would be Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I’m sure you’ll have a more recent show but that’s just my opinion. Since we’re at the halfway point of the second season (this ramble is done after episode 12 ‘Tremors’), let’s take a look at the Pros and the Cons, eye patches galore. TV Ramblings - Deadshot is one of the many recurring villains of the show Pros

Story Arc/Pace

The overall story and pacing of the second season has been better than the first season overall and we’re only at the halfway point . With the continuing arcs as well as the main one going on is well balanced out so far and hopefully they can keep the pace up with it and let a few run on into the third season rather than tie them all together and give us a very busy season ending.

The Kill/Not To Kill Rule

After pretty much killing a good bunch of bad guys off a list, Ollie decides to honor Tommy’s death he won’t kill again. Sure this may have annoyed some but it did give us a change for a while of how he ends up taking out the villains in certain situations without killing. It doesn’t mean that he won’t kill when it’s absolutely necessary, as we seen with The Count in the ‘State vs Queen’ episode. Least though after the number of villains that were killed in Season 1 (Still gutted about J August Richard’s villain, would’ve loved to see more of his story), nice to keep a few of them around this season.

The Namedrops

The League of Assassins. The Suicide Squad. H.I.V.E. Ra’s Al Ghul. We’ve seen the first one but the rest have been mentioned in one form or another and part of you does mark out slightly for it (Especially the way Ra’s is mentioned in an exchange between Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn).

Super Powerplay

We’ve finally got it, superpowers bitch! Granted it may have been for a short period at the moment but thanks to the Mirakuru we’ve got Slade Wilson being strong enough to punch people through the chest/stomach and be super quick and we’ve got the beginnings of Solomon Grundy….and you know, Roy Harper. Hopefully they won’t do a Heroes with the Mirakuru and rely on it too much to give everyone these different versions of powers much like they used the cheerleaders blood to revive anyone that died and their corpse was still mostly intact.

The Key Players

Deathstroke/Slad Wilson. I think I would need a seperate ramble to post all good things about Manu Bennett’s performance as Slade. I could easily just watch a Slade spin-off in the future, even have it focus on him with the Suicide Squad (God, if only). Stephen Amell is really someone I didn’t know before the show but think him really underapreicated really in terms of carrying this show and doing the majority of the stunts and them damn workouts (Stop making me look badly out of shape Amell!). The core three of Amell, Ramsey and Rickards are important to the show as they just click, you can’t teach that, though it would be nice for Diggle to get some more stuff to do in the next few episodes rather than say a few lines and look on from a distance shipping on Olicity. Sara Lance I totally buy as the Black Canary, so much so that I just cannot see Laurel taking her place in the future at this present moment.  Also can’t forget to mention Barry Allen right? That was cool to see and now it’s a waiting game to see what the pilot episode will be like. TV Ramblings - Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke The Cons

Laurel has been Britta’d

I wasn’t really a fan of Laurel in Season 1 in particular and the only one she seemed to have screen time with and didn’t annoy me was with Tommy….then he died. So this season we’ve had Laurel with the drug/alcohol problem…and keep bashing us in the head with us. It didn’t work with Vince in Entourage and it doesn’t work here. Laurel is at a place now where I can happily see her character go and if she is the long-term goal to be Black Canary in future…, just no.

Too Much, Too Soon? 

The CW love to milk the cash cow dry, just look at Smallville and currently Supernatural. Both of them will have ran for 10 seasons, with the latter could  run even beyond that. Once Arrow dropped it was the networks biggest number hit since Supernatural so it could be suspected that the show could be considered a long-term investment. That could be a problem with the show putting out the big name hitters in the current plot and we’re only in the second season.

Roy Harper

Currently I have no problem with Roy but also the other problem is that I don’t really care for him. One episode he’s fine, next he’s mad at everyone, rinse and repeat. This is before the Mirakuru so in this episode of ‘Tremors’ he is alot worse for it. I’m sure once his arc is concentrated on I can eventually get to like the character more but with the arcs going on the moment I don’t think he’ll be given enough time. TV Ramblings - Barry Allen appearances in Arrow before The Flash Pilot Overall

Straight up I’m an Arrowhead at this point and in for the long haul ahead and loving the momentum that it’s gaining. Will be interesting to see if The Flash will be just as good in the spin-off show. Also we need another character with an eye-patch. Just because.

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