Film Review – Enough Said

Film Review - Enough Said - HeaderDIRECTED BY: Nicole Holofcener

STARRING: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Catherine Keener, Toni Colette, Ben Falcone, Tracey Fairaway and Tavi Gevinson


A divorced woman who decides to pursue the man she’s interested in learns he’s her new friend’s ex-husband.

Film Review - Enough Said - MiddleEva is a divorced masseuse. When she attends a evening event with friends, she meets poet Marianne who ends u hiring her for her skills and her friend Will introduces her to Albert. The two of them hit it off for having similar senses of humour.

While Eva begins dating Albert, when she starts taking Marianne on as her client, she begins to learn annoying details of her ex husband, which she connects together that Albert is the ex.

Film Review - Enough Said - BottomWell the overall plot is simple, Eva meets Albert, starting seeing Albert, all the while she meets Marianne, Marianne becomes her client and she starts bad mouthing ALOT about her ex husband, eventually Eva connects the two together and tries to keep the relationships intact. The problem I have, and maybe it’s still a realistic portrayal, is that Eva listens to every word Marianne has to say about Albert as gospel…which takes the second half of the film to generic road once Eva realises that Albert is the ex husband.

I like the actors in the cast here and for a romantic drama spin, it’s nice and different for a change that we’re focusing on the flaws of the female characters in this, from Eva using the words of a judgemental ex-wife and eats it up to make her own judgements of Albert to using her daughter friend to fill the void of her daughter leaving for college. Eva is needy and shallow throughout the film and particularly comes into play at the dinner scene with Albert, Will and Sarah. Julia tries her best in the role of Eva but I didn’t particularly like the character, Toni Colette is underused in her role as Sarah but I do enjoy the sort of comedy value her and Ben Falcone’s Will in the bickering between the two. Catherine Keener literally plays the role like she could’ve done it in her sleep as you think it would be a big role, considering the connection to the characters, but once the reveal is out in the open she just disappears. James Gandolfini is the only person in this that you can at least root for in this film and is a kind character.


Some nice performances, in particular from James Gandolfini, but for the exception of Gandolfini’s character Albert, I didn’t like any of the rest and the story, for me personally, I found boring. Maybe if I come back to it in a decades time I might appreciate it more, but for now I don’t feel like I’m missing much.   4/10

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