The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award


We’ve arrived at the end of the week (Well I’m in the firm belief that weeks usually start on Monday) and I discovered that someone, well HCMovieReviews has nominated me for The Liebster Award.

My initial reaction for HC was of thanks and quickly followed by, what exactly is The Liebster Award? Well the Liebster Award is an award past between fellow bloggers, aiming to recognise the new, the underrated and the under-appriecated blogs, giving the writers the recognition they deserve and maybe gain more readers in the process.

The rules for the Liebster Award are as follows (the step by step guide can be found here:

  • The bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.
  • Those nominated must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers who have less than 3000 followers to answer their own set of questions
  • When you are nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you. 

So before I nominate 11 bloggers, I will first answer the 11 questions given to me from HCMovieReviews and thankfully they are film related so they shall be relatively easy (kind of) to answer.

1) Who is your favourite actor and why?

This one is probably the toughest question I’ll answer here as it’s changed over the years, especially growing up with the De Niro/Pacino collection during my teenage years, but I couldn’t leave out Denzel Washington from the list of favourite actors growing up.  After going through a Denzel marathon from John Q to The Hurricane to finally Training Day over a weekend period and was completely blown away by Denzel’s range and personally I believe he’s had fewer duds than De Niro and Pacino. I mean if you were to ask me what film would I rush to see on release from a Denzel film to a De Niro or Pacino one now, easily it’ll be Denzel.

2) Who is your favourite actress and why?

I know the most obvious answers for some would be the likes of Streep, Sarandon or Field (even Winslet or popular choice of today, Lawrence), but for me Scarlett Johansson is on a role as of late for the performances she has given from Don Jon to Her (voice alone) and even for the hell of it Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She’s starting to challenge herself in various roles and will be looking forward to checking out Under The Skin when that’s released.

3) If you could only watch one genre of film for the rest of your life what would it be?

Crime Drama. It doesn’t even have to be a gangster type film, just even a bunch of crooks i.e The Usual Suspects and a concrete story and rich characters to keep me interested. Sure it’s a genre that’s been around to a century but we people will always have a soft spot for the bad guys and their inevitable rise and fall. It’s no secret that some of my favourite films are of the crime gene.

4) Who would play you in a film about your life?

I think most of my fans will be saying Alan from The Hangover (Zach Galifianakis) for the obviously uncanny hair to beard similarities that we have, I might as well pick an older irishman for the part in Liam Cunningham. Mainly because I shall have no major life story to be told until I’m in my 40’s at least, everything right now is baby steps to where I want to get to.

5) What film would you like to see remade?

Without doubt the film I’d love to see remade is Highlander, because of how they absolutely screwed it up with the sequels that came after, particularly the second Highlander film. I would be all over a reboot/reimagining of this if it came to pass.

6) What is your best movie experience?

There’s a few different experiences I’ve witnessed from the local cinema’s here, from the absolute hype of witnessing Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and the absolute disgust during the film from the audience, to the cheers and clapping during The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King film on the first screening, but the one I’m going for is a tossup between Clerks 2 and Team America: World Police, actually probably the latter would edge it, because it was a bigger audience and I never heard so many people laughing throughout an entire film.

7) What is your favourite Superhero movie?

Will be odd leave The Dark Knight out but doesn’t play much like a superhero film does it? So with that for the complete superhero feel factor, I’d go with X-Men 2. From the Nightcrawler White House opening scene to Magneto just being a general badass throughout and probably the rare time besides The Wolverine film that you see Wolverine go into berserk mode.

8) Who is you all time favourite villain from the movies?

It’s not much of a contest, it’s still Hans Gruber from Die Hard.

9) What is that one movie that everyone loves but you hate?

Currently Gravity. Besides the special effects I just felt nothing else for the film. I don’t hate the film, I rarely hate a film that everyone loves, but I can’t think of a film that I found more overrated in recent years.

10) Best opening sequence to a film?

Still the first one that had me in awe as a kid and to this day my favourite opening sequence would have to be Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Notable mentions for The Matrix, Carlito’s Way and Up.


11) Why do you love movies so much?

Makes your own imagination run wilder with what you’ve seen, especially the films as a kid growing up, from Spielberg mind blowing us with ET to Jurassic Park, to the original Star Wars trilogy from Lucas, to the animation from that Disney period of Aladdin to The Lion King.



Thanks HC for those questions. Now I shall list the 11 bloggers I’ve nominated along with the 11 questions that I have for them.

I nominate: 

1. Anna Keren 

2. Miss Moogle UK 

3. The Red Dutchess

4. My Little Ponderings

5. Failed Critics

6. Natasha Blasick

7. Christopher Scott

8. Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews


10. Flights, Tights and Movie Nights

11. Frisco Kid at the Movies 


The questions are as follows (I apologise that it’s mostly film based questions): 

1. What made you interested in creating a blog?

2. Does your blog cover a subject you like to talk about or one that you hope to be involved in?

3. Favourite destination in the world?

4. What would you say is the most prized quality in a person?

5. If you could say one positive and one negative about what you cover in your blog, what would they be and why?

6. What was the first film you saw at the cinema?

7. Who is your favourite actor and why?

8. Who is your favourite actress and why?

9. What, in your view, do you find to be the most overrated film?

10.  Favourite Animated Film?

11. What life lesson has stuck with you that you still adhere to today?

Terrible questions but this is what I could come up with on short notice after answering the 11 questions. Have fun with it serpico’s!


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