Skyline Sequel Announced Including Title and Poster

Film News - Skyline Sequel Confirmed and Titled Beyond Skyline


Remember that film that came out from the Strause brothers that Sony were up in arms about as they believed that they used their equipment to make their film, Skyline, after working on the effects of Sony’s film Battle: Los Angeles?  Well guess which one has just got the greenlight for a sequel!

Announced at Cannes Film Festival, Skyline will be getting a sequel titled Beyond Skyline, with Liam O’Donnell to direct. O’Donnell wrote and produced the original film and though the Strause Brothers have intended on making a followup to Skyline when released in 2010, no details of the plot have been announced yet, though the original ended on a crazy cliffhanger, crazy, but unique cliffhanger and judging from the poster revealed it looks to set to followup from that rather than a different group trying to survive.

I wasn’t a fan of the original film at all but the ending intrigued me to see where it would follow out of curiosity. No casting or release date news has been given.

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