Arrow Season 3: Who Could Play Ra’s Al Ghul?

TV Ramblings - Who Should Play Ra's Al Ghul in Arrow Season 3It’s been over a week now since the Arrow Season 3 Extended Trailer dropped from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) revealing the Big Bad was going to be none other than Ra’s Al Ghul (as can be viewed on the video below).

This should come as no surprise to fans of Arrow as name has been brought up a few times in Season 2 and not only that, but his daughter Nyssa has appeared in a few episodes of the show (played by Katrina Law).

So far there’s been plenty casting announcements from Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom to more recently David Cubitt being announced as Mark Shaw/Manhunter but as of yet we’re left in the dark as to who will play the Demon himself but now comes the fun guessing game, which is why this post exists so we can look at possible contenders of who could play Ra’s Al Ghul and then be totally wrong when the casting is announced. Here are a few names that have been mentioned in the fan verse of Arrow.


Oded Fehr

TV News - Could Obed Fehr play Ras Al Ghul In Arrow Season 3Pretty much the name being dropped the most and getting universal approval among the fanbase to play the Demon is none other than the man that voiced Ra’s in the Young Justice series, Oded Fehr. Fehr will most likely be remembered for his roles in the first two Mummy films and for playing  Carlos Olivera in the Resident Evil films.  He’ll have the intimidating physical presence for Ra’s and has a background of the character. There was that rumour in early June flying around that he was cast in the role (before Ra’s being the villain was even confirmed) through social media but was never confirmed. Problem? Has a role on a television show called Covert Affairs that is still running so scheduling would be an issue to consider.


Jason Isaacs

TV Ramblings - Could Jason Isaacs Play Ra's Al Ghul in Arrow Season 3Sticking with the theme of actors that have voiced Ra’s Al Ghul before, Jason Isaac’s voiced him in the really good DC animated film Batman: Under The Red Hood. No stranger to working in the TV verse either (Brotherhood, Awake as examples), Isaac’s could bring a certain menacing intellect on the small screen as he is not shy of those villainous roles in the past (The Patriot being the instant reminder). Problem? Isaac’s is currently in production on a little animated show called Star Wars Rebels and even though that’s voice acting, it’ll be telling whether he can slip away for a recurring role a Ra’s.


Naveen Andrews

TV Ramblings - Could Naveen Andrews Play Ras Al Ghul In Arrow Season 3Naveen Andrews is mostly known for his role in what will possibly be one of the most remembered television shows (for better or worse) of all time LOST playing Sayid Jarrah, where he ranged from tortured sould to cold assassin over the course of his characters journey, he could carry the latter into the role with the man with a clear conscious of his cause. I am not aware of the role Naveen has on Once Upon A Time (haven’t watched it yet) if it’s regular or recurring or if he’s even in it still, but another problem could be that some might think that he is too young (Reminder:  he’s one year younger than Oded Fehr).


Pedro Pascal

TV Ramblings - Could Pedro Pascal Play Ra's Al Ghul In Arrow Season 3? Pedro Pascal is so hot right now. Pedro is coming hot off his stint in Season four of Game of Thrones and like the Arrow team of done in the past with Manu Bennett after coming off hot of Spartacus, they could swipe in and sign up for the sly ol’ red viper to play Ra’s on Arrow. It’s a long shot but not as far fetched as the contenders listed before, definitely has the screen presence to command your attention so it would seem like the perfect fit, right? Only problem I can think of is the fact he’s coming off hot from Game of Thrones that everyone could be looking to cast him for a particular role.


Alexander Siddig

TV Ramblings - Could Alexander Siddig be Ras Al Ghul In Arrow Season 3If we’re going by the Ra’s we know, by just look and with is age, I would have no problem with Siddig in the role. THE major problem that comes up now is that Siddig has just been signed to appear on Game of Thrones, which is filming in a different continent so any hope of him playing the role are just dead in the water now in the Arrow verse.


Arnold Vosloo

TV Ramblings - Could Arnold Vosloo Play Ras Al Ghul in Arrow Season 3Because why not? Vosloo will mostly be remembered for being The Mummy in, well, the first two Mummy films of the Brendan Fraser kind and also for being the villain in Season 4 of 24. Lately he’s do been doing guest roles on television shows over the last few years but would still be an intimidating figure to go up against, though would he be as convincing as Ra’s Al Ghul compared to those above?



That’s just some of the names that have been mentioned. Is there any that you think that are missing? Who in your eyes should play Ra’s Al Ghul in Arrow?