Casting News For Arrow and The Flash

Arrow Casting News

TV News - David Cubitt cast as Mark Shaw aka Manhunter in Arrow Season 3The cast for Arrow’s third season has just got expanded with the news last night confirming that actor David Cubitt will be having a guest role in the third episode of the third season as Mark Shaw, also known as Manhunter, with the brief synopsis of the episode is Shaw is  “an A.R.G.U.S. operative in Corto Maltese who crosses paths with Diggle.”


In the DC Comics, Shaw took on the mantle of Manhunter as a result of his displeasure with the American judicial system, which he saw as being light on crime. Many characters have used the name throughout.

TV News - JR Ramirez Cast as Ted Grant aka Wildcat in Arrow Season 3In another role announced a few weeks ago, J.R Ramirez will appear in what is thought to be a recurring role as Ted Grant aka Wildcat. In the Arrow verse he will be a a former boxer who is running a gym for the underprivileged youth. Understandably his character will be pivotal for Laurel Lance’s arc in the upcoming third season. This comes to no surprise as in the DC Comics, as Ted was a member of the Justice Society of America, trained assorted crimefighters — including Black Canary….so yeah, the Laurel becoming Black Canary arc is looking more and more like a possibility, even though it might any a section of the Arrow fanbase.



The Flash Casting News

TV News - Robbie Amell Joins The FlashMeanwhile the CW Network looks set to keep it in the family as Robbie Amell has just signed for a rather interesting role in the Arrow spin-off The Flash.


Amell has been tied down to The CW after the cancelling of freshman show The Tomorrow People, in a recurring role as Ronnie Raymond, who is also known as Firestorm, who happens to be the fiance to regular Dr Caitlin Snow and plays an integral part in the particule accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen into The Flash. His character is expected to debut in the third episode of The Flash’s freshmen season.

TV News - Wentworth Miller cast as Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold in CWs The FlashMaking an appearance in Episode 4 of The Flash will be well known to Flash fans as Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold and he will be played by none other than Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller.


In the DC Comics, the popular Leonard Snart/Captain Cold is a leader of the Rogues and considered an enemy of The Flash. It’s unknown how often Captain Cold in The Flash TV show will appear.

TV News - Kelly Frye cast as Belle Sans Souci aka Plastique in The FlashIn Episode 5 we will see the appearance of actress Kelly Frye playing Bette San Souci aka Plastique, who gets exposed to the energy released by the S.T.A.R. Labs meltdown, Bette gains the ability to turn any object she touches into an explosive device.  On the run from forces in the U.S. government trying to turn her into a human weapon, she finds an ally in the Flash.

A classic DC villainess, Plastique was a love interest and foe for Captain Atom in the comics and was also a member of the Suicide Squad, a team Arrow fans will surely be familiar with.


So far the Arrow  Season 3 Big Bad of Ra’s Al Ghul has yet to be cast.





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