Charlie Hunnam To Star In A Prayer Before Dawn

Film News - Charlie Hunnam attached to A Prayer Before Dawn filmCharlie Hunnam has work well and truly covered for himself for life after Sons of Anarchy as he has been attached to be the lead in A Prayer Before Dawn, Variety reports.


Jean-Stephane Sauvaire is on directing duties, with the film based on the true story of Billy Moore, a man who was incarcerated in a brutal Thai prison Klong Prem, also known as the notorious Bangkok Hilton. In order to survive, Moore began learning the skills of Muay Thai boxing. Currently, Sauvaire has began starting with the casting, actual former prisoners who were Muay Thai champions, in Thailand, where filming is scheduled to take place there in the summer 2015. Hunnam has already begun training for the role. The screenplay has been penned by Nick Saltrese.


Sauvire said:

A Prayer Before Dawn is — at one and the same time — a true story, a prison drama, a survival movie, a desperate love story, and an extraordinary tale of redemption. Above all, it is a poignant and uniquely human story.


Thorsten Schumacher, managing director of HanWay Films, said:

A Prayer Before Dawn combines the visceral thrill of Thai boxing with a human story of a fight for survival in prison hell. The fact that Charlie and Jean-Stephane have already started living and breathing this film is proof of the incredible energy and sheer force the collaboration between these two will bring to the screen.


Well it’s certainly an interesting role for Hunnam to take on, particularly for the story and survival element. It’s nice that the director Sauvaire is focusing on making this a human story, when the studio could easily advertise it as ‘The Raid’ like comparison. With Sons of Anarchy wrapped up for the final ride last week and Pacific Rim 2 and the King Arthur project lying in waiting now alongside A Prayer Before Dawn, Hunnam will be on the big screen for a few years yet.


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