Hannibal: Season 3 Casting News

TV News - Hannibal Season 3 Casting - Rutina Wesley and Richard Armitage and Nina AriandaIt’s been a while since I’ve posted any TV casting news so I found I’d do a speed run of casting news that I’ve missed out on for the last week on NBC’s Hannibal.


The first one to be revealed in the middle of the month was that Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield of The Hobbit trilogy) will be playing the role of Francis Dollarhyde aka The Tooth Fairy, a serial killer who is well known to bite his victims’ bodies, fake teeth and body art. Dollarhyde has been portrayed on the big screen in Michael Mann’s Manhunter (played by Tom Noonan) and Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon (played by Ralph Fiennes).


Rutina Wesley (True Blood) however will be playing Dollarhyde’s ‘love interest’ as Reba McClane, a blind co-worker of his that he ends up fallen in love with, who represents his best chance at humanity and resisting the ‘possession’ of the dragon. Reba McClane on the big screen has been played by Joan Allen (Manhunter) and Emily Watson (Red Dragon).


Nina Arianda however won’t be playing much of a villainous role but as someone involved to Will Graham’s personal life as a recurring character called Molly. If you were to search online for her it might spoil a few details that they’re going to attempt executing in season 3.


There is one actor that won’t be returning to the fold in the new season. Michael Pitt won’t be reprising his role as Mason Verger, a decision that he decided himself allegedly. The role will be played now by Joe Anderson (The Divide).


So far I’m liking the casting, especially with Armitage as The Tooth Fairy, it’ll be interesting to see what Bryan Fuller’s take is on that story as Hannibal has been brutally brilliant in its first two seasons. Just a shame with all these casting announcements, we still have to wait till the summer for it to return.


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