Mile 22: Ronda Rousey And Iko Uwais To Star In Action Film

Film News - Ronda Rousey and Iko Uwais to star in Mile 22Other film news coming out last night, this time from Variety, is that Ronda Rousy and Iko Uwais are on board to star in an action-thriller that Peter Berg is producing called Mile 22. The film is set to explore the relationship between a CIA field officer and an Indonesian police officer being forced to work together as they confront violent and extreme political corruption.


It was just over a week ago that Peter Berg posted a picture of the three of them together via Instagram, causing speculation as to what the project could be and now it seems we’ve finally got an answer.

I got an idea. @iko_uq @rondarousey and a film crew.

A photo posted by Peter Berg (@pberg44) on Feb 22, 2015 at 1:46pm PST

Peter Berg said the following:

I am a huge fan of what Gareth (Evans) and Iko did on both ‘Raid’ films, and I’m very excited at the possibility of working with Ronda and Iko to create a film in the spirit of this new wave of combat cinema emerging from Indonesia. Ronda and Iko will be a very unique and powerful team.


Ronda Rousey has only had one role that the public have been able to see so far in Expendables 3, but we’ll get to see her in action again in a few months time in Furious 7 as well as Entourage in the summer. Iko Uwais however is well known to the filmgoing audience for his fight choreography thanks to The Raid films and we’ll see how he applies that in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film at the end of the year and Beyond Skyline. In terms of the buddy cop genre, it’s sounds like it’s going to be a different kettle of fish and potentially more serious in tone. Regardless though, I’ll be excited to see it for not only Iko Uwais being apart of the project, but also that Peter Berg has a hand in proceedings as well. It’ll be interesting to see who is brought on to direct the film.


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