Top 365 Films – #290 – Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Top 365 Films - Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackDIRECTED BY: Kevin Smith

STARRING: Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku, Ali Larter, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Jason Lee and Will Ferrell

BUDGET: $22m

EARNED (Worldwide): $33.8m




The comic ‘Bluntman and Chronic’ is based on real-life stoners Jay and Silent Bob, so when they get no profit from a big-screen adaptation they set out to wreck the movie.


This film follows Jay & Silent Bob who initially get a restraining order placed on them to keep away from the Quick Stop convenience store corner that they sell drugs from. They find a new purpose however when their friend Banky informs them that a movie is being made two infamous characters based on their likenesses, Bluntman and Chronic. After his old business partner who brokered the deal, Holden McNeil, they read the negative reaction about the film on a forum website, they decide to travel to Hollywood to stop the production of the film.


As far as Kevin Smith films go I wouldn’t consider it his best but I do enjoy watching Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back from time to time, mainly due to it being so quotable and entertaining. Sure people might not enjoy it so much due to Jay’s infinite number of F bombs throughout the film, but some of its set pieces and cameos from the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and even mark Hamill help make the film that much funnier, especially when it pokes fun at itself with a few ‘breaking the fourth wall’ moments as well as a number of in-jokes.


FAVOURITE SCENE: I can’t look past the Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season scene.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: ‘Applesauce Bitch!’ – Ben Affleck

DID YOU KNOW?: At one point Seth Green was considered to play “Jay” in the movie-within-a-movie which Jay and Bob are trying to stop. This is an inside joke. Gramercy Pictures didn’t want Jason Mewes to reprise his role as Jay in Mallrats (1995), and, up until the first day of shooting, tried to replace him with Green.

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