Top 365 Films – #242 – Bad Boys (1995)

Top 365 Films - Bad BoysDIRECTED BY: Michael Bay

STARRING: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Téa Leoni, Joe Pantoliano, Marg Helgenberger, Nestor Serrano, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Theresa Randle, Karen Alexander, Frank John Hughes, Emmanuel Xuereb, Vic Manni, Marc Macaulay and Tchéky Karyo

BUDGET: $19m

EARNED (Worldwide): $141.4m




Two hip detectives protect a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin.


Bad Boys follows the story around two detectives. One is family man Marcus Burnett who is partnered alongside loose cannon Mike Lowrey at the Miami Police Department. They’re assigned on a dangerous case as $100m worth of heroin is stolen from police headquarters. They’re given 72 hours to reclaim their big career bust back before Internal Affairs Division get involved, leading them on the trail of a French drug kingpin and a witness they must protect.


There’s been many buddy cop films in the history of film and it’s always the chemistry between the two actors/characters that has to get you rooting for them to come out on top, which is one of the key reasons as to why Bad Boys worked so well for me. Sure enough the script may not be the best (Michael Bay even said he wasn’t a fan of it and discussed at length with the co-leads in how to improve it) but it plays secondary to the comedy wisecracks banter between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and the action set pieces from a chase scene to close the second act and the final acts big gang (Back in the days when the Bayhem came in small doses). The film is stylish in its look and even with its cars (don’t worry, it’s explained that Mike has a nice trust fund kitty so don’t be too worried on overthinking a cop could afford such a car) and the plot taking a turn of Marcus and Mike switching identities around material witness Julie Mott leads to such scenarios that she thinks that the two are lovers. It’s the weakest part of the film yet still provides some laughs between the co-leads and a very game Téa Leoni seemingly having comical moments of her own with sarcastic deliveries and being the audience member pointing out the flaws in the overall plan of keeping her safe from the bad guys. Joe Pantoliano is good and funny as the usual hard ass Captain there to bust the arses of Marcus and Mike in the amount of scenes that he has and Tchéky Karyo does his best as the villain of the film (yet is not as threatening as I once remembered) but the films key performers are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the two together on screen are just comedy gold.


FAVOURITE SCENE: The scene with the store clerk perfectly sums up the chemistry and relationship between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in this film. ‘Freeze mother bitches!’

FAVOURITE QUOTE: ‘Marcus Burnett: Hey man where-where-where’s your cup holder?

Mike Lowrey: I don’t have one.

Marcus Burnett: What the f- w’you mean you don’t have one? Eighty thousand dollars for this car and you ain’t got no damn cup holder?

Mike Lowrey: It’s $105,000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to sixty in four seconds, sweetie. It’s a limited edition.

Marcus Burnett: You damn right it’s limited. No cup holder, no back seat. Just a shiny dick with two chairs in it. I guess we the balls just draggin’ the fuck along.’

DID YOU KNOW?: The role of Mike Lowry was destined for Arsenio Hall, until Michael Bay caught an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wanted Will Smith instead.

One response to “Top 365 Films – #242 – Bad Boys (1995)

  1. Love this movie. It’s underrated and criminally overlooked when people look back at both Bay movies and Will Smith films. It’s just a shame that the sequel was slightly more watered down than this cooler movie was. Still enjoyed it though.

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