Arrow: Cast For Anarky And Mr. Terrific Roles

TV News - Arrow - Anarky And Mr. Terrific Roles CastNo sooner did the creators of Arrow discuss that they plan to bring Anarky and Mr Terrific into the upcoming fourth season of Arrow at their Comic Con panel than tonight they’ve announced the actors cast in the roles.

TV News - Arrow - Alexander Calvert Cast As AnarkyBroken first by Comic Book Resources, cast in the role of Anarky is actor Alexander Calvert (Bates Motel, The Returned & The Lost Boys: The Tribe) and the character is described for the show as follows:

Lonnie Machin (AKA Anarky) is a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer.

Calvert will make his first appearance in the second episode of season four, in what’s set to be a recurring role for the character. In the DC Comics the character was popular in the 90’s going up against Batman.

TV News - Arrow - Echo Kellum Cast In Mr Terrific RoleFrom Entertainment Weekly, cast in the role of Mr. Terrific is actor Echo Kellum (Ben and Kate, Sean Saves The World). Kellum will be in a recurring role as Curtis Holt, a technological savant and inventor who works at Palmer Technologies under the supervision of Felicity Smoak. Executive producer Greg Berlanti also revealed at the Comic Con Panel that:

Our version of Mister Terrific happens to be gay.


The DC Comics, Mr. Terrific is the secret identity of Michael Holt, an extremely intelligent, Olympic-level athlete that joins the Justice Society of America after the death of his wife and unborn child. Though he was the second man to take the mantle as the original Mr. Terrific was Terry Sloane, a self-made millionaire with photographic memory, Olympic-level athletic skills and mastery of martial arts.


In terms of casting I can’t really say much about the actors cast in the roles as I’m not familiar with either of them, though I can see the buzz online over the casting of Echo Kellum in the Mr. Terrific role, which in itself intrigues me as to how are they going to play about with that character’s origins? Will he be the son of Michael Holt? Will he possess that characters traits or a blend of Michael Holt and Terry Sloane? The character of Anarky is the most interesting to me from memory, it’ll be interesting to see his portrayal on Arrow.


Arrow Season 4 begins in October 2015.


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