Film Review – 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Film Review - 12 Rounds 3 - LockdownDIRECTED BY: Stephen Reynolds

STARRING: Dean Ambrose, Roger Cross, Daniel Cudmore, Lochlyn Munro, Ty Olsson, Sarah Smyth, Rebecca Marshall and Matthew Harrison



A police officer who returns to duty after recovering from a gun shot wound to discover incriminating evidence of illegal activities against those closest to him. He quickly finds himself trapped inside his own precinct, hunted and in search of the truth, as the crooked cops stop at nothing to recover the evidence.

Film Review - 12 Rounds 3 - LockdownLockdown, the next instalment in WWE’s 12 Rounds series has us following Detective John Shaw, who returns to active duty after the death of his partner. At the precinct he comes across evidence which links his fellow officers, including former partner Detective Burke, into the death of a local drug dealer and corruption, Burke and his men trap Shaw in the precinct and plan to kill him and destroy the evidence. Against his fellow officers, Shaw must take them on with just him, his smarts and the twelve rounds in his gun.

Film Review - 12 Rounds 3 - LockdownShould be noted from the start that I haven’t watched the previous 12 Rounds films (first starred John Cena and the second starred Randy Orton) so unlike some people that have seen the film, I wasn’t as disappointed as they were that they changed the format up a bit here on the 12 rounds side in the film, which the first two focused on a villain put his foe through the ringer in a 12 round series of challenges and this time in the Lockdown instalment, it’s literally the amount of ammo left in Shaw’s gun.


The story concept however is very much similar vein of it being Die Hard but everyone’s a cop, just one good one taking on a corrupt squad and the film where’s the ‘B-Movie’ status proudly on its sleeve for being somewhat a generic play by play action set pieces with some utter moment of brilliance smarts in part of Shaw’s escapes from being cornered and taken out, to the point of Shaw also giving the viewers a heads up of the number of bullets he has remaining, incase you weren’t keeping count. As with the case with the previous 12 Rounds flicks, we have a WWE Superstar at the front and centre of the whole show – this one being Dean Ambrose. Ambrose was my main reason for checking this out due to his character work in wrestling, particularly from the talking side of it, he carried a certain level of intensity and charisma. Here in his first acting role Ambrose (Jonathan Good as he’s referred to on IMDB) does tone down his wrestling persona for the role of Shaw here but still carries that level of intensity in a few scenes, making him unpredictable. Roger Cross starring opposite him however swaggers through the role of Burke, clearly relishing the villainous role and having a good time with it. While the performances are fine from are main protagonist and antagonist to keep you invested till the end, the choices from the director, in particular the shots used and edited in the fight sequences left a lot to be desired for me as it feels to clunky/quickly chopped at times in the hand to hand combat stakes.



A standardly watchable film from WWE Studios with the performances from Dean Ambrose and Roger Cross making it worth the viewers while at least, I think there will be more Ambrose fans satisfied by the films end where as maybe general action fans will feel disappointed in its execution.  4/10

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