Fox 2000 And Fault In Our Stars Author Adapting Film About AFC Wimbledon

Film News - AFC Wimbledon - Fox 2000 and Fault In Our Stars Author Adapting Film about football teamIt’s been reported by various media outlets today that Fox 2000 has secured the rights to adapt a film about the creation and rise of football club AFC Wimbledon, with Fault In Our Stars And Paper Towns author, John Green, on board as a producer.


In a Deadline article, it breaks down a synopsis for the AFC Wimbledon story as follows:

When Wimbledon FC, one of the oldest and most storied British football clubs, was moved 56 miles north to Milton Keynes in 2002 despite massive opposition, the team’s fans were left abandoned, the heart of their community torn away. In response, a group of die-hard fans decided to start a new amateur club from scratch at the bottom of the ninth tier. The newly formed AFC Wimbledon would always be owned by its fans and would never be stolen away again by rich investors looking to profit.


John Green took to to make a lengthy post about the AFC Wimbledon story as well as his reasoning for looking to get the story on the big screen as he pitched it to the studio and Temple Hill Entertainment producers as the ‘the greatest underdog sports story you’ve never heard’.  It’s certainly an interesting project for John Green to work on next, whose novels have been adapted for the big screen, with Fault In Our Stars earning $307m worldwide while Paper Towns earned $85.5m on a budget of $12m on each film. Rosianna Halse Rojas is attached as a producer for the film.

I’m surprised to hear the news today but it’s definitely a story that is worthy of a big screen adaptation and it’s great to see John Green is very, very passionate about the project and seeing it come to life that I reckon it will be handled correctly. It’ll be interesting to see how this production develops over the course of the year and who gets attached to the project.

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