Legends Of Tomorrow: Patrick J. Adams To Appear In Season 1 Finale

TV News - Legends of Tomorrow - Patrick J. Adams to appear in Season 1 finale in a mysterious roleIt’s been reported that Suits actor Patrick J. Adams is set to appear in the season one finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, with his role being kept secret, keeping fans guessing online as to who he will be playing.


While the role is being kept under wraps, Entertainment Weekly first reported the casting with a source telling them that he’ll be playing ‘a fun character that fans will love’ and that Adams will even appear in the season 2 premiere. TVLine have added slightly extra details that Adams will be playing a hero with ‘a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda’,  described as ‘a beloved superhero from the DC Canon’ and also have ruled out one possibility of who Adams could be playing….Booster Gold. The TVLine article also adds that the character will not only provide a punctuation point for Season 1 but also a launching point for Season 2, where he will recur in a handful of episodes.


Well when I immediately seen the casting and ‘mysterious role’ headlines, I figured Patrick J. Adams was brought in to play Booster Gold but the TVLine article seems to bluntly put it out there that it’s not the case, leaving a few options open, between Doctor Fate to Adam Strange. The wording in the TVLine article of ‘the character will not only provide a punctuation point…’ makes me jump to guessing that he’ll be playing The Question perhaps? Suppose we’ll have to wait and find out in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale!

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