Edge Of Tomorrow: Writers Hired To Pen Script For Sequel

Film News - Edge of Tomorrow - Writers Hired To Pen Script For SequelDeadline exclusively reports that screenwriters Joe Sharpnel and Anna Waterhouse have been hired to begin writing the sequel to Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow which starred Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.


The original film had a production budget of $178m and ended up making $370m worldwide at the box office as it became a sci-fi sleeper hit through word of mouth more than the studios initial marketing campaign for the film. While the film was great and seem to tie itself up perfectly as a ‘one and done’ film, Warner Bros. have brought onboard Joe Sharpnel and Anna Waterhouse, who have penned scripts for Frankie & Alice and Race, to find a way to get Emily Blunt’s Rita and Tom Cruise’s Cage back together on the big screen in the sequel. There’s also news circulating that Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the script of the first film, is in talks to serve as a producer here while Doug Liman is attached to come back and direct the sequel.


I’m somewhat skeptical as I thought Edge of Tomorrow worked perfectly well as a standalone film, but at the same time I really enjoyed the characters that we followed on screen, especially the dynamic between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s Cage and Rita, though I’m struggling to see how the sequel is going to work here.

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