Andorra: Clive Owen To Star

Film News - Andorra - Clive Owen To StarDeadline exclusively reports that Clive Owen has signed up to star in a romantic thriller based on Peter Cameron’s novel Andorra.


Fred Schepisi will be directing the film which will see a reunion for the director and actor who previously worked together on Words and Pictures back in 2013. Jamie Bialkower is producing for Melbourne-based Jump Street Films and Lizzette Atkins for Unicorn Films and James Ivory is executive producing as the production is aimed to begin in spring 2017 around Europe and post-production to follow in Australia.


Clive Owen is set to play the role of Alexander Fox, a bookseller who suffers a personal tragedy and leaves the U.S to begin a new life abroad. Fox arrives in Andorra and finds it an idyllic escape, offering him the chance to reinvent himself, moving into the only hotel and quickly becoming entangled with the ever-present locals as the mystery of his origin deepens. An Australian couple takes an unsettling interest in the newcomer and Andorra’s matriarch seems to recall him from long ago. When a woman’s body is found almost immediately upon his arrival, the local lieutenant becomes strangely convinced that Fox is responsible and he sons find himself in a crisis of conscience and identity in this foreign country from which he may not be able to escape. Jamie Bialkower and Peter Cameron will be adapted the book for the big screen.

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