Supergirl: Ian Gomez Joins Cast For Season 2

TV News - Supergirl - Ian Gomez Joins Cast For Season 2Entertainment Weekly exclusively reports that Ian Gomez will be joining the second season of Supergirl in a recurring role as Snapper Carr.


The character description for Snapper Carr for the television series is as follows:

Snapper Carr is a headstrong, sharp-witted newsman, hired by Cat Grant to be the editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine. Snapper’s commitment to hard-hitting journalism pushes CatCo reporters to dig deeper in the pursuit of excellence. He’s a man who tells people what he thinks of them, and his no-holds barred approach pushes Kara in unexpected ways.

Supergirl - Ian Gomez to play DC Comics character Snapper CarrIn DC Comics, Snapper Carr was a supporting civilian Justice League character though in some interpretations of the characters history, he did at one point have the ability to teleportation after being put through a genetic experimentation.


Ian Gomez (whose credits include Cougar Town and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2) will be appearing alongside newcomers such as Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman and original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as President of the United States. Early last month it was reported that Snapper Carr was just one of a few characters that the CW/Supergirl team were looking to cast for the upcoming season so I wonder will the roles of Lena Luthor, Nick Farrow, The Doctor and Maggie Swayer be cast before the San Diego Comic Con panel next weekend?

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