Supergirl: First Look Photo Of Tyler Hoechlin As Superman

TV News - Supergirl - First Look Photo of Tyler Hoechlin as SupermanWarner Bros. have released the first picture of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman for the upcoming second season of Supergirl on the CW Network.


Tyler Hoechlin was cast as the Man of Steel back in the middle of June and talking at San Diego Comic Con about being cast in the role he said:

It’s definitely incredibly surreal. I know the character represents so much to so many people. This is not a generational thing. This is something literally spread across so much time. There is a lot of responsibility with this character. I’m really excited. I have not tried on the suit yet. That will be a moment for sure.


The costume was designed by the show’s costume designer, Kiersten Ronning, which looks familiar to Henry Cavill’s look on the big screen. Joining the cast in the upcoming second season is original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as President of the United States, Ian Gomez as CatCo editor-in-chief Snapper Carr, Floriana Lima as gay Metropolis Special Crimes Unit captain Maggie Sawyer and Chris Wood in a rather secretive role.

TV News - First Look at Tyler Hoechlin playing the Man of Steel for Supergirl Season 2

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