Enemy Of The State: Sequel In Development For The Small Screen At ABC

tv-news-enemy-of-the-state-sequel-in-development-for-the-small-screen-at-abc-networkDeadline reports that ABC network have given a pilot commitment to Enemy of the State, a sequel to the 1998 Tony Scott film that starred Will Smith and Gene Hackman.


The 1998 film had us following Robert Dean, a lawyer who works in Washington DC that ends up being targeted by the NSA as an old friend slips him a tape that implicates a politician named Thomas Reynolds, at the scene of a murder of Congressman Phillip Hammersley. Dean is being hunted down by Reynolds and a team of NSA agents but manages to find unlikely help from a man named Edward Lyle to get his life back and turn the tables on Reynolds.


The pilot has been written by Morgan Davis Foehl (Blackhat) and is set two decades after the original film, where an elusive NSA spy is charged with leaking classified intelligence, an idealistic female attorney must partner with a hawkish FBI agent to stop a global conspiracy that threatens to expose dark secrets and personal mysteries connect all three of their lives.


Admittedly I’m not sold on this at all. I enjoyed the film for what it was as a one-and-done scenario and can hardly see any of the original cast appearing in the series as a nod to the films existence.



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