Last Don Standing: Frank Grillo To Star In Film About Philadelphia Mob Boss Ralph Natale

film-news-last-don-standing-frank-grillo-to-star-in-film-about-philadelphia-mob-boss-ralph-nataleDeadline exclusively reports that Frank Grillo is set to star in a film that recounts the life of Philadelphia mob boss Ralph Natale, known as one of the only La Costra Nostra bosses to flip and become a federal witness.


The film will be adapting the book The Last Don Standing, from New York Daily news reporter Larry McShane and producer Dan Pearson, compiling Natale’s accounts of the murder of Bugsy Siegel, Jimmy Hoffa’s final days, the mob’s takeover of Atlantic City and the boxing matches between Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali and how the fights were fixed for Liston to purposely take a dive. Natale was convicted in the late 1970’s of drug smuggling and spent sixteen years in prison. Natale refused to testify against his crew during his time there until he was convicted and sentenced again in 2005, having been loyal to those who didn’t return loyalty to him in return.


Frank Grillo has been in a few high profile films as of late, such as The Purge sequels (Anarchy and Election Year), Captain America sequels (The Winter Solder and Civil War) as well as MMA television series Kingdom. He will also be appearing on the big screen in Beyond Skyline, Wolf In The Wild and Wheelman.


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