Puberty: Tao Okamoto, Genesis Rodriguez, Martin Sensmeier, Chris Santos And Rainey Qualley Join Cast

film-news-puberty-tao-okamoto-genesis-rodriguez-and-martin-sensmeier-cast-in-pyshcological-thrillerVariety exclusively reports that Tao Okamoto, Genesis Rodriguez, Martin Sensmeier, Chris Santos and Rainey Qualley have joined the cast of Eddie Alcazar’s psychological thriller Puberty.


The film will focus on a teenage boy with a violent past who is haunted by dark visions and enters a mysterious clinic where the patients wildly transform their bodies and minds using genetic engineering. He undergoes treatment, installing therapeutic implants into his body — but discovers that purity of mind is not exactly what he’d imagined.

film-news-puberty-chris-santos-and-rainey-qualley-cast-in-psychological-thrillerFlying Lotus is Executive Producing and composing the score for the film and will be made by Brainfeeder Films. Alcazar is Producing as well as directing from a script by Ted Kupper. Production is set to commence this winter in Los Angeles. Though the report doesn’t state as to what roles the actors will have, they will be joining a cast that includes Abbie Cornish, Dylan Gelula and Garrett Wareing.

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