Nightwing: LEGO Batman Director Chris McKay In Talks To Direct DC Film

Film News - Nightwing - LEGO Batman Director Chris McKay In Talks To Direct DC FilmThe Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay is in negotiations to direct the Warner Bros. DC film based on Batman character Nightwing.


Nightwing is perhaps best known as Dick Grayson, the original Robin. Dick was the youngest member of a family of acrobats known as the Flying Graysons. After his parents were murdered, he was taken in as the legal ward of Bruce Wayne. He then became his sidekick, Robin, and teamed up with the Dark Knight on many adventures fighting crime in the city of Gotham. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, as well as illustrator Jerry Robinson, being first introduced in Detective Comics (No. 38) in April 1040. Dick Grayson would then remove himself from the Robin persona in the 1980’s as the character grew up, becoming the leader of Teen Titans.


While Chris McKay is in talks to direct, Bill Dubuque will be writing the script for the project. McKay made his directorial feature debut this year with The LEGO Batman Movie which has made $184m worldwide so far in its first few weeks and also McKay has technically directed a film with Dick Grayson in it…be it in animated form, voiced by Michael Cera.


Admittedly whilst the Warner Bros./DC Extended Universe is going through a readjustment shift as of late (understatement), I’m completely down for a Nightwing standalone film as I feel it’s something that the film audience is ready for. Granted the small percentage will have grown up following the character, be it from his Nightwing adventures or from his yesteryears as Robin transforming into Nightwing. As for McKay, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on making his live-action directorial debut here as the action sequences that he made in The LEGO Batman Movie was really impressive. Who would you cast as Nightwing? Who would be the main villain?


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