Let The Right One In: TNT Not Moving Forward With Pilot

Deadline is reporting that TNT have decided not to proceed with its pilot order of Let The Right One In, a vampire drama based on the best-selling novel by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist.


The pilot of Let The Right One In will have us follow a young boy named Henry, who has long been tormented by his classmates, finds solace in a friendship with a charismatic vampire named Eli, who appears to be near his age, though her actual age is unknown. Lonely and friendless, Eli lands in an apartment building in Vermont and soon begins a strange friendship with Henry who has no idea what kind of creature he’s dealing with.


The pilot was written by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis and had cast Kristine FrosethBenjamin WadsworthThomas KretschmannNecar ZadeganCameron Gellman and Darren Mann but the pilot did not go into production. Tomorrow Studios, who developed the project to produce the pilot along with Turner’s Studio T, is apparently shopping the project to other networks in its current take on the story or as a potential redo of the concept.



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