Sin City: Glen Mazzara, Len Wiseman And Stephen L’Heureux On Board Development Of TV Adaptation Of Frank Miller’s Comic Series

Deadline is exclusively reporting that The Weinstein Company and Dimension are developing a TV reboot of Frank Miller’s comic series Sin City, bringing Glen Mazzara, Len Wiseman and Stephen L’Heureux on board the project.


Sin City came out as a comic series in the early 90’s set in the fictional town set in the west of America, Basin City, which is universally remembered by its nickname – Sin City. The series had  intertwining stories, with frequently recurring characters in the crime-ridden city. In 2005 a film adaptation was released by Miramax, with Robert Rodriguez directing alongside Frank Miller with an all-star cast that included Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Benicio del Toro, Clive Owen and Powers Boothe (to name a few).


The deadline report states that Glen Mazzara (whose credits include The Shield, The Walking Dead and The Omen) is being brought on board to write a fresh take on the material, Len Wiseman (writer on the Underworld franchise and producer on Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer) will be set to direct the pilot and Stephen L’Heureux (Sin City: A Dame To Kill For) will be overseeing the project and will serve as a producer alongside Frank Miller, Glen Mazzara, Len Wiseman and Bob & Harvey Weinstein.


The intention is to make the series separate from the films, introducing original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe. The reporter from Deadline states that a few networks are circling the project, so maybe in the next month or two we might get an announcement of a network at least picking up Sin City as a pilot commitment.


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