Scarface: David Ayer No Longer Directing Reboot

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety are both reporting that David Ayer has left Universal’s planned reboot film Scarface.


Back in August of last year, Universal brought Fuqua on board the project to direct the retelling of the classic gangster story which will focus on the immigrant rags-to-riches story but will present itself in contemporary Los Angles. At the end of January it was revealed that Fuqua departed the project due to schedule conflicts and had to choose between the Scarface remake or The Equalizer sequel.


In February media outlets reported that the Coen Brothers were brought onboard to polish the script and that Diego Luna was attached for the starring role. Dylan Clark will be serving as producer on the project alongside Scott Stuber and original 1983 producer Martin Bregman.


In May it was revealed that David Ayer was attached to the project and now according to THR’s sources, Ayer’s take on the script was ‘too dark’ for the studio’s taste and Variety’s sources state that Ayer’s schedule for promoting his upcoming film Bright and Universal’s aggressive schedule to get the film off the ground is the main reason as to why Ayer and the studio have parted ways.


The studio will be working fast to find a new director as they hope to begin production in the fall.


The Scarface remake is scheduled for cinematic release on the 10th August 2018.

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