The Greatest Showman Songs Ranked

The Greatest Showman has been out since the end of December and is going from strength to strength at the box office, currently making over $291m worldwide at the box office. Not only is the film making a killing at the box office, it’s also making waves across the music charts. Not only are a few of the songs from the film entered the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Top 40, the original soundtrack is currently number 1 in the album charts of the UK as well as the US. After watching the film a few times, I’ve decided to rank the songs from least favourite to favourite. Here is how I have them ranked below:


9. Tightrope


8. A Million Dreams


7. Come Alive


6. Never Enough


5. The Greatest Show


4. This Is Me


3.  From Now On


2. Rewrite The Stars


1. The Other Side

So which is your favourite song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack? Answer in the poll below.