Slender Man: Horror Film Being Shipped To Other Studios As Producers And Sony Clash Over Films Release

Variety is excluvisely reporting that the Slender Man film is being shopped around other studios in Hollywood as Sony Pictures and the film’s producers are having heated disagreements about the release strategy for the horror film.


The synopsis for the film is as follows:

A group of teenage girls attempt to investigate the mystery of the Slender Man after a friend of theirs goes missing, only to become haunted by the Slender Man himself.


Variety reports that, according to insiders, that the producers of Slender Man have more confidence in the film than Sony Pictures (who see it as a low-budget, Blumhouse-style release) and are pushing for the film to be released in more screens and also want a bigger marketing push, which will cost more money than Sony Pictures is willing to spend. The film was set to be released in August.


Now the producers have triggered a clause in their contract that allows them to seek higher offers and have begun showing the film to several studios, including Netflix and Amazon, but some studios that have seen the nearly completed cut are skeptical about the films commercial potential and it’s assumed that whoever buys the film would have to pay the Sony Pictures back for any expenses it incurred as they’ve already released a trailer, posters and promotional images for the feature. Sony’s Steve Bersch, the head of the Screen Gems division overseeing Slender Man is a fan of the picture and wants to release it, according to another insider, but the studio’s brass is concerned about social media backlash.


It’s nice that producers have confidence in their project, but considering the fact Sony have given them a release and are committed to distribution the film onto screens even with the backlash (Some cinema’s in the Wisconsin area where the real-life stabbing took place in 2009, where the Slender Man ‘inspired’ two girls to stab their friend Payton Leutner 19 times, won’t be showing the film), some will believe that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by trying to push for a bigger marketing campaign.


The film stars Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Talitha Bateman, Alex Fitzalan, Kevin Chapman and Javier Botet.


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