American Gods: Dean Winters, Devery Jacobs And Kahyun Kim Join Cast For Season 2

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Dean Winters, Devery Jacobs and Kahyun Kim have signed up to join the cast of the upcoming second season of Starz mythological fantasy drama series American Gods.


The series, based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 award-winning novel, focuses on Shadow Moon, a man serving time in prison. With only days remaining in his sentence, he’s given an unexpected early release after his beloved wife Laura is killed. When returning home to attend the funeral, Shadow meets a man named Wednesday who appears to be nothing more than a con artist and offers him a job – to be his bodyguard.


Dean Winters (whose credits include Rescue Me and Brooklyn Nine-Nine) will be playing the role of Mr. Town, who is tasked by Mr. World to find out what Shadow knows about Mr. Wednesday’s plan. His brutal efficiency and technique just may get him the answers to his curious questions. Devery Jacobs (whose credits include Mohawk Girls and Cardinal) will be playing the role of a college student named Sam Black Crow. She is spiritually cynical for someone who claims to believe in so much. She lives life with fierce confidence and openness, selling the chainsaw art she carves by the roadside for extra money. Kahyun Kim (whose credits include Spa Night and Bad Match) will be playing the role of New Media, the goddess of global content — and in this age, a cyberspace chameleon, who is also a master of manipulation. The trio join recently cast Sakina Jaffrey.


The series is created by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, but Jesse Alexander is the new executive producer and showrunner for the second season after Fuller and Green departed the series after its first season. The second season is set to premiere in 2019.


American Gods stars Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki and Pablo Schreiber.

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