Enter The Dragon: David Leitch In Talks To Direct Remake

Deadline is exclusively reporting that David Leitch in is early talks with Warner Bros. about potentially direct a remake of Bruce Lee’s 1973 martial arts classic Enter The Dragon.


Enter The Dragon has us follow Lee, a martial artist and member of the Shaolin Temple who is invited to a martial arts competition on an island organised by the mysterious Mr. Han. When invited, Lee is recruited by British Intelligence Agent to go uncover and infiltrate an island as Han is suspected of being involved in drug trafficking and prostitution. Lee soon learns that Han’s men is responsible for his sister’s death and finds himself out for revenge as well.


The news comes a few short days after the 45th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death (20th July 1973). The remake is yet to attach a writer, let alone Leitch to direct, and it’s something that Warner Bros. have tried to get running for a number of years and felt like it would stay on the shelf. Now, Leitch is an interesting choice, not only because he’s directed on action films such as John Wick, Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, but also because of his stuntman background and while on paper it makes sense for the studio to be interested in hiring him to helm the remake, the thought process of remaking a film that made Bruce Lee iconic is already on the path of being a hard pass from some diehard Lee fans. I usually am on the side of remake of certain properties if there’s a new way to adapt it, but a remake of Enter The Dragon is one of those films I find to be untouchable.

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