Briarpatch: Jay R. Ferguson, Edi Gathegi And Brian Geraghty Cast In USA Network Pilot

Deadline is reporting that Jay R. Ferguson, Edi Gathegi and Brian Geraghty will be joining Rosario Dawson to star in USA Network’s drama pilot Briarpatch.


Briarpatch is based on the Ross Thomas novel of the same name. The story focuses on Allegra ‘Pick’ Dill, a tenacious and highly-skilled investigator working in Washington, D.C for a young, ambitious Senator. When her ten-years younger sister, a homicide detective, is killed by a car bomb, Allegra returns to her corrupt Texas hometown. What begins as a search for the murderer becomes a fraught and dangerous excavation of the past Allegra has long sought to bury.


Jay R. Ferguson (whose credits include Mad Men and Living Biblically) will be playing the role of Jake Spivey, Allegra’s childhood best friend and former running buddy. Once the poorest kid in town, he’s returned from years of shadowy business abroad and reinvented himself as the region’s richest swell. Now, it’s said, he dabbles: In real estate, in society, in women. Whispers abound that he might just be dabbling in drugs, guns, and politics too — only most locals can’t decide which of those would be worse. Edi Gathegi (whose credits include The Blacklist and StartUp) will be playing the role of A.D. Singe, an estate attorney, an iconoclast, and — rarest of all in these parts — an optimist. He was Felicity Dill’s friend and is ready to be Allegra Dill’s friend too, if only she’ll let him. Brian Geraghty (whose credits include Chicago P.D and The Alienist) will be playing the role of Captain Gene Colder, a model cop and citizen. A former boy scout, a current assistant deacon, and an inveterate professional climber, he was Felicity Dill’s boss ever since she was promoted to homicide. Now he’s ready and eager to do anything he can to wrap-up the investigation into her murder.


The novel has been adapted by Andy Greenwald and will serve as an executive producer alongside Sam Esmail through Esmail Corp and Anonymous Content’s Chad Hamilton. Rosario Dawson will also serve as a producer on the project.

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