Mega Man: Capcom Confirm Live-Action Adaptation Is It Development

Capcom confirmed yesterday that they will be developing their video game franchise Mega Man into a live-action feature.


The video game franchise first began back in 1987, focusing on a robotic lab assistant created by a scientist named Dr. Light. Light is betrayed by a colleague, the disgruntled Dr. Wily, who reprograms a line of robots in order to take over the world. The lab assistant, nicknamed Rock, then upgrades himself into combat mode in order to save mankind.


The video game franchise has had over fifty titles over multiple systems, selling more than 30m copies worldwide, had an animated series in the 90’s, an anime series in the 2000’s and has also featured in many comics and manga in Japan.


It was reported back in July last year that Catfish filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman would be writing and directing the film adaptation, and that still remains to be the case. Capcom didn’t go into further detail on the premise of the film, it stated that it aimed to appeal a ‘diverse audience’ that includes the Mega Man fanbase as well as action film fans, as well as incorporate the production values and entertainment factors that Hollywood releases are typically known for.


There is no current release date as of yet for the Mega Man film.

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