Inside Man 2: Aml Ameen To Star In Sequel To 2006 Thriller

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Aml Ameen has been cast in the lead role for Inside Man 2, the sequel to the 2006 thriller that was directed by Spike Lee and starred Denzel Washington.


Inside Man opened with a gang entering a Manhattan bank, locking the doors and taking hostages. Detective Frazier is assigned to be the negotiator at the bank, but half his mind is occupied with corruption charges that he is facing. The bank’s president however brings in a high-power broker, named Madaline, in to secure a safe despot box. High-stakes negotiations among the thief, the cop and the power-broke begin as one tries to get the upper hand on the other. But why have the gang robbed the bank in the first place?


The longline for the sequel is as follows:

The U.S. Federal Reserve is robbed by a highly organised and cleverly orchestrated team of crooks. With dozens of tourists held hostage during a 10-hour siege, an NYPD hostage negotiator and a federal agent join forces to rescue the hostages and foil the heist.


Aml Ameen (whose credits include The Maze Runner and Sense8) is set to be playing the role of Remy, the NYPD hostage negotiator. The sequel comes from Universal 1440 Entertainment and Imagine Entertainment. Ogden Gavanski will serve as producer on the project, which will be released on Netflix and will also be available on other digital platforms.


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