Happy Death Day 2U: Official Trailer Released Online

Universal have released the official trailer for the upcoming Happy Death Day sequel Happy Death Day 2U.


The original film had us following a young woman named Theresa ‘Tree’ Gelbman, who wakes up on Monday the 18th September in the dorm room of Carter Davis after a drunken binge the night before. As we learn that it’s Tree’s birthday, we follow her through her day being self-centered and condescending to those around her. As she makes her way to a party, she is brutally murdered by a hooded figure wearing a mask of the campus mascot, a big headed baby. Tree wakes up and soon realises that she’s reliving her birthday all over again.


Happy Death Day 2U stars Jessica RotheIsrael Broussard, Ruby Modine, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin and Rachel Matthews.


The film is scheduled for cinematic release on the 14th February 2019.

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