Film Review – Cam

DIRECTED BY: Daniel Goldhaber

STARRING: Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters, Devin Druid, Iamni Hakim, Michael Dempsey, Flora Diaz, Samantha Robinson, Jessica Parker Kennedy and Quei Tann



Alice, an ambitious camgirl, wakes up one day to discover she’s been replaced on her show with an exact replica of herself.

An erotic webcam performer finds her followers stolen by a doppelganger who hijacks her channel, pushes the sexual envelope farther, and otherwise seems determined to destroy her life.

Cam is a cyber thriller directed by Daniel Goldhaber, making his directorial feature debut here. The story focuses on Alice, a young and ambitious camgirl, who discovers one day that she’s been replaced with an exact replica of herself online. As the copy begins to push the boundaries of Alice’s internet identity Lola, Alice begins to lose control on her life. As she struggles to regain what she’s lost, Alice tries to find out who the mysterious person is that has taken her place.


Cam is a film with an interesting concept, commenting on today’s society and how technology has altered humanity and how easy it is for someone to lose themselves in the void of the internet. We follow Alice, seeing how she adopts her camgirl personality Lola, she’s more confident and free flowing than her real-life persona, and that leads her to climbing through the ranks on the camgirl site. We learn of her rules about not faking orgasms for big tokens from her loyal customers and more, yet the first show we see is a fake suicide attempt, questioning how far some people will go to online for attention. It raises interesting questions and tackles interesting themes and it helps throughout the course of the film that Madeline Brewer gives a great performance as Alice, especially in the second half of the film when we witness her mental state deteriorating as she witnesses her doppelgänger, Lola 2.0, going to great lengths of doing all the things Alice wouldn’t do to climb the rankings. The tension leading into the final act is complimented well by the score from Gavin Brivik.


Whilst it has an interesting concept and a great performance, the story itself is full with a few unanswered questions and, while I don’t mind that, to not really explain anything at all by the end of the film and how the film closes, it all feels kind of pointless. While Brewer’s performance is great, the character of Alice as a whole isn’t really interesting enough to feel sympathy for her or to root her as we’re not given enough about her to care, by the films end there doesn’t feel like a lesson has been learnt and when we discover what’s really going on we question what lesson did she really learn here? The answer is nothing really.



Whilst Cam has an interesting concept and a great performance from Madeline Brewer, the film definitely felt like its themes were more interesting than its execution. 4/10

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