Mission Impossible: Christopher McQuarrie Set To Direct Back-To-Back Films

Variety is exclusively reporting that Christopher McQuarrie has signed a deal to return to write and direct the next two Mission: Impossible films, with sources claiming that the studios intention is to shoot both films back-to-back.


Following on from the events of Rogue Nation, Fallout show us that Ethan Hunt is still hunting down the remaining members of Solomon Lane’s organisation the Syndicate, which have now reformed into a terrorist group known as the Apostles. When Ethan attempts to intercept an exchange of plutonium cores that the Apostle want to give to client John Lark, the mission fails and the Apostles take the plutonium. As the IMF decide the best course of action is to find John Lark and assume his identity to locate and retrieve the plutonium back, the Director of the CIA has operative August Walker shadow Hunt’s every move.


Christopher McQuarrie has decided the last two M:I films (Rogue Nation and Fallout) and it’s believed that the studio, Cruise and McQuarrie look set to take advantage of the popularity of the series after the box office numbers Fallout made last year ($791m worldwide) and shoot both films back-to-back, much like Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The studio aim to have the next film released in summer 2021, with the followup coming out in the summer 2022.

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