How High 2: Mike Epps To Reprise Role For Sequel At MTV, Date Announcement/Opening Credits Trailer Released

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Mike Epps will be reprising the role of Baby Powder for the upcoming MTV TV film How High 2, which they have also released a date announcement trailer for the sequel to the stoner classic.


The original film, released by Universal in 2000, focused on two underachieving pot smokers (Silas and Jamal) who, after smoking a batch of marijuana they had fertilised with the ashes of their deceased friend, ace their college exams and find themselves attending Harvard University. The original film starred Method Man and Redman and the script was written by  Dustin Lee Abraham and directed by Jesse Dylan.


The upcoming sequel focuses on two young “potrepreneurs” on a magical hash-fuelled journey to fund their on-demand munchies delivery start-up.


The sequel is written by Artie Johann and Shawn Ries, with original film producer Shauna Garr serving as an executive producer on the project alongside MTV’s Morgana Rosenberg, Josh Vodnoy and Jason Goldberg.


The film also stars Lil Yachty, DC Young Fly, Alyssa Goss, DeRay Davis, Mary Lynn Rajskub, NeNe Leakes, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, Cynthia Bailey, Shekinah Jo and Lil Baby.


How High 2 will premiere on MTV on the 20th April 2019.

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