The Gateway: Frank Grillo, Taryn Manning, Keith David And Mark Boone Junior Join Cast For Thriller

Variety is exclusively reporting that Frank Grillo, Taryn Manning, Keith David and Mark Boone Junior are the latest names to join the cast of neo-noir thriller The Gateway.


The film focuses on Parker Jode, a passionate, no-nonsense, downtrodden social worker in the grips of alcoholism, whose assigned to take care of the daughter of single mother, Dahlia. When husband Mike is released early from prison and sweeps his family back into a world crime after a failed drug bust, Parker intervenes blurring the lines between professional obligations and personal desires. Outmatched and outgunned, Parker must turn to the father who abandoned him as a child to seek redemption and to help protect the only family he’s ever known.


The report doesn’t what roles the new additions will be playing in the film, but they’ll join recently cast Olivia Munn, Shea Whigham, Bruce Dern and Zach Avery.


The Gateway is based off the 2013 Black List screenplay, Where Angels Die, by Alexander Felix. Michele Civetta is attached to direct the thriller, with Andrew Levitas serving as producer alongside Stephen Israel.

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