Tiger Woods: Scripted Miniseries In Development From Jeff Benedict And Wheelhouse Entertainment

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Jeff Benedict has made a deal with Wheelhouse Entertainment to turn his recent biography on controversial golf champion Tiger Woods into a scripted miniseries.


The deal comes a month after Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters Championship, which is being argued as being one of the best career comebacks in sports history.


The biography, simply titled Tiger Woods, which was published last year by CBS Corp-owned Simon & Schuster, which opens up in detail with the 2009 car accident the day after Thanksgiving that lead to the infidelity scandal. The book became a New York Times bestseller and is the first project taken to market by Wheelhouse and Benedict.


Wheelhouse Entertainment’s Brent Montgomery, had this to say about the deal:

As a rabid sports fan, I had seen Jeff’s byline and read much of his work, always impressed by his insights and access into some pretty rarefied worlds, but when I picked up Tiger Woods, I saw what a true force Jeff really is – and a compelling way to bring the Tiger Woods story to life as one of the most moving in sports history. IP is becoming more important than ever before, and to partner with a writer of Jeff’s calibre – someone who nails perfectly the experience and emotion behind epic people and their stories – is a huge win for Wheelhouse. It’s an enormously rich pool from which to create exciting projects in and around sports, and other high-intensity environments. We are ecstatic to be in the Jeff Benedict business.


Jeff Benedict added:

As a journalist, I let stories lead me on a journey. One of the thrills of being a writer is encountering the unexpected along the way. Even after doing this for over 20 years, I still get a charge out of meeting new people whose narratives surprise and inspire me. That’s exactly what happened when I met Brent and the Wheelhouse team. They are entrepreneurs on a mission to build audio and visual platforms for storytellers and creators. The opportunity to partner with them is a writer’s dream. I am eager to see where this new story and professional chapter takes us both.


It’ll be interesting to see in the coming months where this project could land at and who will be cast as Tiger Woods.




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