Blade: Mahershala Ali To Star As Title Character For Marvel Studios Reboot

Towards the end of the Marvel Studios panel, Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali came onto the stage and put on a Blade baseball cap and confirm that Marvel Studios are developing a reboot of the Blade franchise.


Blade (sometimes referred to as Daywalker) is half-vampire, half-mortal, who becomes a protector of the mortal race against the threat of vampires.


Blade first appeared in Marvel Comics back in 1973 by Marv Wolfman, appearing as a supporting character in The Tomb of Dracula #10. Blade would have his big screen debut in New Line’s 1998 film, which was R-rated and starred Wesley Snipes as the title character. Blade would be a hit that summer, making $131m worldwide and spawning two sequels (Blade II and Blade Trinity). Blade would also appear in the small screen in 2006, with Sticky Fingaz playing the title character, with the show only lasting one season.


It’ll be interesting to see how Marvel Studios will handle the character and have him work within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Wesley Snipes, who has claimed several times now that he’s had discussions with the studio, have any kind of role in the film? Be it starring or producing? It’ll be interesting to see what comes next but in terms of casting Ali as Blade…love it!

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