Face/Off: Remake In Development At Paramount

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Paramount Pictures are developing a remake of John Woo’s 1997 action film Face/Off, with Oren Uziel attached to write the script and Neal Moritz brought onboard to produce.


Face/Off has us following the story of an FBI Agent Sean Archer on the hunt to capture freelance terrorist Castor Troy, with a personal vendetta in the case as Troy killed his son in an attempt to assassinate him. When Archer has Troy cornered and knocked out, putting him in a coma, he learns that Troy was telling the truth about having a bomb planted in Los Angeles that will detonate within the next few days. With the only person who knows the location of the bomb is Castor’s brother Pollux and he refuses to talk, left with no option Archer undergoes a face-transplant surgery and assumes the identity of Castor Troy to find out the location of the bomb from Pollux. Unfortunately due to the transplant, Castor Troy regains consciousness and wants revenge on Archer by taking his face and ruin his mission and personal life.


The original film starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, earning $245.6m worldwide at the box office.

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