Dark Side Of The Ring: Vice Looks Set To Renew And Potentially Expand Docuseries

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Vice on TV network looks set to not only make another season of wrestling documentary series Dark Side of the Ring, but also aim to expand the franchise into new areas.


The documentary series focuses on controversial subjects within the world of professional wrestling, with each episode focusing on a specific event or figure.


The first season focused on the relationship between Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, the Montreal Screwjob involving Bret Hart, the killing of Bruiser Brody, the last of the Von Erichs, the mysterious death of Gorgeous Gino and looking at the controversial allegations about The Fabulous Moolah following her death in 2007.


The second season opens on a two-parter focusing on the double murder & suicide of Chris Benoit, with the rest following on the controversial wrestler New Jack, the ‘Brawl For All’ WWF tournament that led to some career-ending injuries, the death of Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend Nancy Argentino, the murder of Dino Bravo, the notorious encounter between wrestler David Schultz and 20/20 reporter John Stossel, Herb Adrams attempting to make a wrestling empire with Universal Wrestling Federation, the inside story of wrestling’s ultimate tag team partnership of Hawk and Animal aka The Road Warriors and the Owen Hart stunt that went tragically wrong.


Speaking with Deadline, Vice TV EVP and General Manager Morgan Hertzan, said:

We are eagerly looking forward to explore more ways to do more episodes of Dark Side of the Ring and Dark Side of other strands. We also are looking at all of our audience data and what people love about that show is, and are using it to inform other shows that we’re greenlighting. The audience is telling us they love this kind of storytelling so we want to keep delivering on that over and over again.


The first three episodes of the second season (Benoit Part 1 & 2 and The Life and Crimes of New Jack) have been the three most-watched shows in the network’s history, according to the Nielsen ratings, and episodes of the show make up five of the network’s most-watched telecasts among viewers 18-49 and 25-54.


While I welcome more stories within the Dark Side of the Ring world, I’m not particularly sure on how Vice is looking to branch it out as a Dark Side franchise. Would they focus on other controversial events/figures in sports history? Or will they look to focus outside of sport?


For those in the UK/Ireland, All 4 has the entire first season of Dark Side of the Ring available to watch.


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