Shelly: Awkwafina And Karen Gillan Set To Star In Action Comedy, Jude Weng To Direct

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Awkwafina and Karen Gillan are set to star in the action-comedy feature Shelly, written by Michael Doneger and Liz Storm, with Jude Weng set to direct.


The film takes palce a decade after an embarrassing prom prank ran Shelly Wheeler out of town and so hardened her heart that she became an ice-cold hit-woman. Revenge threatens to be sweet when she learns her next target is her former High School tormentor, Dianna Park. But when Dianna unexpectedly befriends Shelly, the assassin finds herself in with the cool crowd, protecting her old nemesis against another hit crew hired to kill them both.


Awkwafina and Karen Gillan reteam here after starring in last years Jumanji: The Next Level, with Akwafina cast as Shelly Wheeler and Karen Gillan cast as Dianna Park. The report states that the tone of the film, hailing from Ian Bryce Productions, is Mean Girls meets Barry. Ian Bryce will be producing the film, with Will McCance executive producing and Katie Malott co-producing.


UTA is currently packing arranging the financing for the project, which I would say would be hotly contested in Hollywood in terms of what studio will land it.

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