Reactor: Bruce Willis To Hold Nuclear Power Plant Hostage In Action Thriller

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively reporting that Bruce Willis has signed up to star as the villain in the action thriller Reactor.


Bruce Willis will be playing the leader of a gang of mercenaries whose lust for revenge sees him hold a nuclear power plant hostage. In the end, it’s up to a former soldier to take him down.


The film is written by Cam Cannon and Stephen Cyrus, with Jared Cohn set to direct. The film is being produced and financed by Almost Never Films and 308 Enterprises.


Corey Large will be serving as producer on the project alongside Danny Roth and Johnny Messner, with Steven Eads serving as executive producer.


Corey Large released a statement saying:

We’re honoured Mr. Willis is collaborating with us again on Reactor. It’s extremely humbling and exciting having Bruce Willis making Bruce Willis movies. His energy, legacy, and decision to partner with 308 Enterprises again, makes me thrilled for the future. We’re grateful to Stephen Eads for his creative insight and leadership.


As the film is scheduled to begin production this summer, The Exchange will be introducing the project at the Cannes virtual market.



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