Elisabeth Moss To Star As Texas Killer Candy Montgomery In Limited Series In Development At UCP

Deadline is reporting that UCP is developing a limited event series based on the true crime story of Texas killer Candy Montgomery and her victim, Betty Gore, with Elisabeth Moss attached to executive produce and star.


Candy (the working title for the limited event series) is set in 1980 Texas, where Candy Montgomery seemingly had it all – loving husband with a good job, a daughter and a son, a nice house in the brand new suburbs – so why did she kill her friend from church with an axe?


The series is in development from The Act co-creator Nick Antosca and The Act/Mad Men writer Robin Veith.


Dawn Olmstead, President of UCP, released a statement saying:

The unique tale of Candy Montgomery is one Nick has been passionate about telling for a very long time. After working with Robin on The Actthe two crafted an incredible script that is tense, twisted and tempting. With her range of work speaking for itself, Elisabeth is dream casting for us and the care and thoughtfulness she will bring to the complex events that unfolded really deepens the project. I wish I was already sitting on the couch in a dark room watching the opening credits right now.


Elisabeth Moss also released a statement, adding:

I have been wanting to play an anti-heroine for a while now, and have been trying to work with Robin again after Mad Men for even longer, so when she asked me if I wanted to play a housewife from Texas who, some would say, got away with murder, I simply said, ‘Where do I sign?’ Adding the opportunity to work with Nick after his incredible work on The Act was like taking a delicious dessert and putting 100 cherries on top. My producing partner Lindsey and I are so thrilled to be partnering with them and Alex and Scott and everyone at UCP on a show that I believe is truly going to be like no other we’ve done and will be a role like none I’ve ever played.


Nick Antosca and Robin Veith will also serve as executive producers on the project along with Alex Hedlund, Elisabeth Moss and Lindsey McManus. Jim Atkinson and John Bloom will serve as consulting producers. UCP will shop the limited series to premium and streaming platforms.

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